Now that's sexy  

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4/14/2006 1:31 pm

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Now that's sexy

It’s just so damn hard to explain or put into words but yet it’s spoken often.
Sexy you say …………….hmm ……….please explain
The very thought of it brings Goosebumps to the skin
It’s the way you look, and how your stare evokes reactions
It’s the way your hair is trimmed
Your smell, your touch your taste.
Oh can’t you just feel it….it’s enticing isn’t it

How is that possible, without even speaking a word to cause that reaction?
It’s natural baby. It’s the power of physical and mental vibrations of your inner self
The mind’s eye gets lost sometimes in the day dream of your fantasies.
But that’s ok because it’s natural to get aroused, isn’t it?
Maybe it’s just the thing that drives you sexually up a wall that does it for ya.
The way a lip is licked slowly and seductively without even knowing someone is watching.

Wow lemme chill for minute…are ya’ll feeling me people
Because if you are then there should be some people needing to be fanned by now.
A few glasses of water need to be passed out to wet the taste buds and sooth the throat..
Ah em….Excuse me Miss, yes you over there…You need to put down your cell phone and wait till I get off the stage to call your sexy visual whose number u just got the other day “ cause although you may be finding my words to ring bells, talking while I’m on this stage with this spotlight on me in front of all these strangers is just plain rude…….But you know what Imma let you get by with just a warning …..Cause you got that sexy don’t fuck me look on ya face and ….truth be told it’s kinda turning me on…..

Now where was I ..Ahhhh yes I remember Sexy ….the smell of it, the taste of it, the feel of it… can it be defined without first knowing thy self…..Yes you need to know what turns you on to define what sexy and sex appeal mean to you.

It’s the reaction you get when you smell the scent of someone
The way they look at you, through you, like they are watching your soul smile
The taste of their lips just by looking at how perfect they appear in the sun light with that reflection that drives you crazy.
Damn don’t some lips look delicious when they have just the right amount of wet moistness to them, and why does clothing make some people even more sexier then u thought possible…..hmmm….I just need one person to tell me how sexy has become the chosen word to describe attraction without actually saying what is attractive…..awww fuck it…..Cause truth be told you just to damn sexy to be sexy so from now on we should just borrow a line from Arsenio hall and say “ let’s get busy” cause that’s what we thinking after all anyway right….Good night and thank you …With ya’ll sexy asses….

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