one crazy night  

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2/4/2006 1:29 pm

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10/23/2006 1:51 pm

one crazy night

As I was sipping down the martini, I thought:
"this is one of THOSE nights".

Damn,I was feeling inspired.

most of the other guys whom was sitting down had already found a girl to make out with, and I was like usually, on my own.

this party had been kicking just one hour ago, and I had been blissfully joining the Bboys on one less crowded part of the dancefloor, kicking it, making the party.

I wanted to get back to my computer, I wanted to create this blog, and I wanted to slam all this you-need-social-proof-mentality in everybody's face.
as I was starting to wander of in other thought's, somebody suddenly poked me on my shoulder.

Two amazingly hot women, with dark hair was standing in front of me.

since the music was quite loud I didn't quite hear what they where telling me the first time, so I gestured to them to repeat:

"hey, lighten up, smile, your having fun, remember?"

I just love England.

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