What the hell is wrong with women?  

rm_MattUK1979 39M
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7/29/2005 6:41 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What the hell is wrong with women?

I have been having a quick read of the Blogs just to see what's expected of me it seems like you ladies are just weird.

Here's a sample from a male blog:
"Like WTF is going on in here? I approach this biotch, we abit and I ask her where we can meet. She never answers me. Why can't people just be honest on here? If they don't want to meet people just F******* leave!"

See there...what woman, with full control of her faculties, could possibly resist this charmer? I guess he should have mentioned she'd get equal time on the Xbox.

Or this poor guy...who did, in fact, thoughtfully post a lovely erect penis shot with his profile:
"Why won't somebody answer me? Don't you want this fine hard young stud? All you womens lesbians or what?"

Again, direct and to the point. No answers. I don't get it. Maybe the wrong women have been reading this guy.

But what about the next one?
"I sick and tired of you women thinking your S*** don't stink it does. I don't have a pic cause I don't have any. You women so shallow you have to see a guy first? Don't nobody care about what's inside people? You all can kiss my ass!".

I have to admit, if I were a female this guy captured my heart! I guess I just don't understand women at all.

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