Pet peeves and rants?  

rm_MatsuMakiko 52F
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3/2/2006 2:44 pm

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4/30/2006 1:29 am

Pet peeves and rants?

I don't have too may pet peeves. One of them is where someone sends you something....and it's all one sentence.
you know the kind the one that looks something like this right weve all seen them havent we

Damn...took me forever to write that. See...not a single puntuation mark. I wrote 4 sentences...the hardest I've ever written.

I don't want genius. But ya know...I sort of DO want someone who didn't drop out of highschool...or acts like they did anyway.
I want to be able to talk with a guy or gal. I want something other than vaccuum behind the eyes. Is that really too much to ask?
I've never been a huge Ooooo..they are HOT! I wanna do them now! kind of person. Yah...I've seen my share of hot folks...that would be hot only if YOU were the one in charge 'cause nobody's home, but all the lights are on...and the place got robbed anyway! I like imagination. I'd like to have SOMETHING to talk about afterwards...after the Wow, that was FUN! wears off. I love snuggling after sex. That's some of the best parts...especially if everyone involved is still in the mood! Snuggling leads to foreplay, foreplay leads to sex, sex leads to snuggling and snuggling leads to.... Can be a fun loop.

That brings me up to something else. Pics. I don't mind dick pics...I don't. But to send me a pic and say you want? I buying it to keep? I hope not! Dayum...leads back to the imagination thing I guess. As for my pic...I have an ex-husband who's an ass, I'll not be putting a pic up. I am MORE than willing to send a pic when asked.

philly61 56M
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4/8/2006 4:05 pm

so you want more than someone that finlly figured out how to type LOL...
good! you have a brain and choose to use it.commas and periods and apostrophies, taught when we actually had to write things, the internet is destroying that.
And really hae you ever seen some of the ladies pics on here? or should I say the huge cazasm leading down somewhere dark and ugly. I agree completely with you..everything in its time...phil

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