Tonight I met Master Jay,  

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9/18/2005 8:33 am

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Tonight I met Master Jay,

I new Jay since high school. Tonight I met Master Jay, I knew there was something different something special about him. Behind those dark eyes lay strength, a rage, that clawed at my very soul and drew me to him. His power came from within. He moved me with his quit confidence and a masculine wisdom I'd never before encountered.

Eight years later in Bedford N.Y. at a wedding I was in line getting a drink when I noticed him a few feet away staring at me. He looked so delicious. The very sight of him took my breath away.

I knew immediately that there was a connection between us, and I could tell from his lecherous gaze that my tight dress has a effect on him. There was no doubt he wanted me. I just have to meet this man. I could feel my nipples stiffening and my pussy soaking my panties.

But he didn't approach me. And, after standing around for several hours and turning down several dance opportunities, I realized that I had lost track of him and assumed he left, but as I strolled across the room I heard a voice, " You give up to easily," I couldn't help but notice how sexy he was. As we spoke there in the middle of the room, he began moving closer to me. Before long we were nose to nose, with his mouth pressed against mine. His lips were hot and sweet and I open my mouth hungrily to accept his tongue.

After the reception he followed me back to my place in Mt Kisco only the next town over, As soon as we got in the door he groped me wildly. My blood was boiling, and I wanted nothing more at that moment than for Master Jay to ravage me right there on the floor. Instead Master Jay lifted my dress and tore my panties literally from my hips! My eyes were wide with excitement and my breathing was heavy.

Stepping back, he held the ripped panties to his face and sniffed. I watched silently, more turned on than ever before. He then walked about the room , surveying the decor, the feminine trappings.

" Strip for me," he said, a sexual rush shot through me as I stood there wearing nothing. I ached for Master Jay to fuck me. Totally accessible, vulnerable. Naked was my body, naked was my soul. " Kneel," he instructed, and I did. " Now crawl across the floor to where I'm standing. I have a present for you."

On all fours I crawled across my room and knelt at Master Jay's feet. He unfastened his trousers and took out his cock. Eagerly I took him in my mouth and sucked. I coated his cock with saliva and savored the sensation of it swelling in my mouth. Minutes later, again obeying his command, I was face down on my bed. " Raise your ass," he snapped, and arch your back." I did as directed and in my mind pictured myself, splayed on all fours, my cunt pink and wet , my asshole inviting penetration.

As I lay there on my bed, Master Jay gagged me with my ripped panties and for the first time I tasted my own cunt, Before long, Master Jay started spanking my buttocks he began lightly, and with each strike, he hit me harder, as soon as I started to whimper. Master Jay gave me ten more pretty hard. He waited for me to stop whimpering.

" I suppose you've never been whipped." " Why are you going to whip me, Master Jay?" " What do you think ?" " Well, I suppose you are, I will admit I was wondering if you were just trying to frightening me."Master Jay then went out to his car, and when he returned he had with him a small riding crop, with my ass still in the air in preparation for the strokes to come, I held my breath the stroke's struck heavily, making my hips sway, the stroke's were exquisitely painful, I then cried out in an ecstasy of tugid anguish, I was jerking and shuddering. The tenth was a fearsome cut, Master Jay ended the torture after delivering it. " You were adorable, Cara, simply marvelous," " Oh thank you, I'm so pleased may I get up now ?" " No, I'm enjoying you."

Master Jay then started fingering my cunt, being very tender, he then used my pussy juices to wet my anus and then probed me there. Soon he spun me over on my back and slammed his solid cock deep in my cunt. His every thrust sent shivers of ecstasy through me, and I was sure I would never again feel a sensation so great. Until, that is....

By Slave Cara


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