I realize that I must be punished.  

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9/19/2005 8:31 am

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I realize that I must be punished.

The sun was setting quickly as I pulled my car into the driveway, It was the second time in a week I'd had to work late, and I knew that Master Jay would be furious. Glancing at my watch, I realized that I was a full two hours late. I tried desperately to think of a good excuse.

As I entered the living room there was Master Jay was standing there tapping a black riding crop against his palm. " Don't even give me an excuse Cara. For starters, I want you to strip naked right here, I think it's about time I teach you a lesson in respect, I want you to kneel in front of me, kiss my feet and beg me to teach you how to be a good slave."

I began to realize how much control this powerful man has over me as I quickly removed my clothing, there I was again, stark naked in front of a fully clothed man, who was now again was smacking the riding crop in the palm of his hand, as an evil smirk blanketed his face. As ordered, I dropped immediately to my knees and pressed my lips to his toes. "I'm very sorry about being late, I promise that it wont happen again."

Master Jay was obviously not satisfied with my weak apology, as I felt his foot between my shoulder blades. "That's real cute Cara, but it's not good enough. I want to beg to be disciplined." With my face still at floor level near his feet, " I realize that I must be punished. Please teach me how to properly serve you." A sharp pain shot through my body as Master Jay brought the riding crop down hard across my ass. " that's better, now crawl to the bedroom, get my bondage bag and return to your position on the floor in front of me. Move it Cara!" As I turned toward the bedroom, I felt another sharp smack on my ass.

I crawled back from the bedroom with the bondage bag, and presented the bondage bag to Master Jay. He roughly forced my head to the floor and ordered me to put my hands behind my back. I felt the smooth leather wrist cuffs being secured in place and I knew there was no turning back now.

Master Jay forced me to turn around with my back to him, and again I felt the sting of the riding crop on my ass. "I think you ought to show your Master a little more respect. From now on, when you enter the room you will do so crawling on your belly. Your head is not to be raised above the level of my ankles. Now try it again. I left the room immediately' lowered myself to my stomach and wriggled across the carpet to Master Jay's feet. I kissed his toes as a sign of my submission. Once more I felt the sting of his riding crop. " As my slave, you are not even to kiss my feet without permission." He smirked as he fastened the dog collar around my neck.

After snapping the leash in place he gave it a fierce tug to make sure it was secure. " Now I want you to lie on your back and put your feet up here on the couch." I obeyed him quickly, and he began fastening the ankle cuffs. Then, pushing my bound feet back to the floor, he ordered me to stand up. Although it was difficult, I managed to struggle to my feet.

" Bend over !" he quickly secured my leash to the ankle cuffs, forcing me to remain bent over at the waist. I felt totally humiliated and very vulnerable. Explaining that he didn't want to listen to my whimpering as I was being punished, he pressed a rubber ball gag firmly into my mouth and fastened the strap securely behind my head. Stepping behind my naked and bound body with my ass in the air in preparation for the strokes to come I held my breath, the stroke's struck heavily, making my hips sway, the stroke's were exquisitely painful, I was jerking and shuddering, the twenty fifth was a fearsome cut, Master Jay ended the torture after delivering

By Slave Cara


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