Truth? Fiction? Or a bit of both....  

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Truth? Fiction? Or a bit of both....


Carolyn is an attractive Philippine woman. She stands 5’4” and has a slim build. Long black hair comes down to her waist which is tied back in a pony tail. Carolyn is wearing a white silk blouse, black wrap around skirt and shear dark nylons. Just the right amount of makeup is on her face and she looks and smells wonderful!

One thing that I find attractive about her is the mischievous twinkle she gets in her eyes, not to mention that sly little smile that she has. Carolyn was our live in nanny for over two years and we had become quiet close. I had known that she knew about my bondage fantasies because she found my magazines. We even talked about it and she mentioned that she would love to have a good looking man all naked and bound to tease and tickle.

You see Carolyn is very ticklish and for fun I used to hold her down and tickle her sides. It excited us both but we never took it any further than that. My stomach is just churning as she stands there. I do not know if she was prepared for what she saw, but I can see that her face and neck are flushed.

Carolyn’s pet name for me is Cliver. Why she put and r after my name is beyond me but is used affectionately. “So Cliver, what have we got here? Aren’t you going to give me my hug and kiss”? Looking down at me she smiles and says”Well....where is it”. Carolyn sits down in a chair that is placed in front of mine and with the widest of grins asks me one more time to at least show me my hands. Obviously I cannot and she is beginning to realize it.

After a few awkward moments Carolyn kneels down in front of me and places her hands under the blanket by my tightly bound and squirming feet. As soon as she feels the rope around my toes and then ankles I can hear a small gasp. She looks up into my face and with that twinkle I can see that Carolyn is starting to get a little aroused.

Her hands move slowly up my legs where she feels the coils of tight rope around my knees and over my waist. With that she stands up and walks behind the chair. As the blanket does not cover my back she has an unobstructed view of my arms.

Now I hear a loud gasp as Caroyln says “Oh my. Who tied you like this”? I don’t have to answer, she already knows. I can feel her cold hands come around from behind to feel the ropes around my chest. A quick feel in my crotch area confirms to Carolyn that I am without any clothing what so ever.

I turn my head to see her put both hands over her chest as if to catch her breath. Carolyn’s eyes are rather wide and her jaw is fully open. She quickly regains her composure and sits back down on the chair. From the look in her eyes I can see that she is clearly enjoying my situation. Leaning back in her chair, her nyloned feet are placed on my lap. She is shoeless as she took them off at the front door when she entered.

“What are we going to do with you Cliver? Looks like you are getting your wish tonight doesn’t it”? I can only give her a smile as I am quite frankly not in a very talkative mood. “I came expecting supper. How are you going to fix it for me”? “ Untie me and I cook a meal for you that will be out of this world”, I reply. “I have a better plan “, came the quick response. Before I could answer back she was gone, up the stairs and into the kitchen.

From the noise I could tell that she found supper and was preparing it. As I have not eaten anything since supper last night, I am getting hungry myself. Since my dear wife so thoughtfully unplugged the clock radio before she left me, I have no idea of how long I have even been tied like this. I can only assume that I have been welded to this damn chair for about 18 hours. Hummm..a new record.

Carolyn’s arrival has certainly aroused me and it takes away from the pain I am starting to feel. Well I have been put on display as promised, time for me to be let up me thinks.

About a half hour later Carolyn re-appears in my little room carrying her dinner on a plate and a drink. She carefully sets up her place on the chair in front of me and proceeds to eat. I can tell that she is having trouble concentrating on her dinner. I ask where mine is and was told I MIGHT be fed something later.

As she is eating she plays with the blanket with her toes and this of course brings it down off my chest and onto my lap. Finally she finishes eating. The plate is put down and Carolyn stands up and in one swift motion removes the blanket entirely from my body and drops it on the floor.

The first place her eyes go to is my penis. A look of shear delight comes over her face as she sees that I am very fully erect. My humiliation is complete, or so I thought. Carolyn can now see the full extent of my bondage. She inspects every bit of it carefully. Questions about how long it took, what kind of knots, and how much could I really move were asked. I could only move my fingers and my ankles up and down. This delighted her to no end.

Of course she ran her hands and fingers over each loop to test just how tight everything was. Just to test my state, she ran her finger nails under the soles of my feet. Carolyn let out a gleeful laugh when she discovered that I have ticklish feet. “Payback time Cliver”!

Standing in front of me Carolyn places her hands on my shoulders and leans over as if to give me a kiss. This of course gives me the perfect opportunity to finally look down her front, which is what she wanted I am sure. Now it was my turn to note with some satisfaction that her nipples were erect.

Sitting back down on the chair she again uses my lap as her personal foot rest. This time she places her nyloned toes so that they just brush against my penis. I’m beginning to want to grab her from that chair and take her. Occasionally she rubs her feet down my lap and then back up again. Carolyn knows damn well that I am enjoying this immensely. “I’m driving you crazy aren’t I Cliver”?

It seems funny sitting naked and tied in a chair having a conversation with and ex nanny. But after a while we get used to it and it seems almost natural. After talk of displaying me in a mall or park or some other silly place ( she was convincing and I was starting to get more than a little scared that she and the wife would actually do it ), the conversation got around to everyday things. We talked for a long time and all the while those damn feet of hers kept me in a constant state of arousal. She enjoyed my squirming as she tickled my sides.

Finally she stands up and announces that she is going to leave me. “Like this? I thought you came to untie me”! I wailed. “Don’t worry Carolyn replied, I’m not going to leave you like this.” With that comment she disappeared up the stairs. When she returned she had a shopping bag in her hands. Carefully she took out the contents of the bag and placed them on my lap.

With that famous twinkle she undid her skirt and it dropped to the floor. At long last I could see those long legs of hers. “This is what you wanted to see for years isn’t it Cliver, my legs”. She turns takes my head in her hands and turns it to face her crotch. Pulling my head into her crotch I can feel that she is dripping wet. Carolyn lets out a small moan as I rub myself into her.

Letting go of my head she steps back and whispers into my ear; “don’t worry, I said I was not going to leave you like this and I mean it. I’m going to finish the job and then leave you. Have fun”! A sudden feeling of uneasiness came over me.

One of the things that Carolyn brought down was a bag of old nylons that wife had been keeping for years now. She took a pair out, rolled it into a ball with one hand, opend my mouth by squeezing my jaw with the other and stuffed the nylons into my mouth. She then took a second pair and stuffed them in too. “This is how you said it was done didn’t you”? During our conversation she asked me about gagging and I guess I was pretty descriptive. Shit!

Living with us for so long she new that I had a roll of duct tape in the garage and that was part of the contents of her bag. She tore off a piece about eight inches, closed my lips together and placed the tape over my mouth. For extra security two more pieces were criss crossed over my mouth. Carolyn made sure they were well secured by rubbing the tape in. An elastic bandage (how did she find all this stuff) was then wrapped snugly around and around my head covering the tape and bringing it in even tighter against my skin. She did a very secure job and I could feel my cheeks come over top of the elastic bandage. She asked me to speak and I had a difficult time even uttering a small mew. This was the first time that I had been gagged.

Carolyn took out a pair of ear plugs next. She must of brought these with her as I had no knowledge of us owning a set. That twinkle again as the plugs were placed tightly in my ears. I was surprised at how effective they were as Carolyn was talking to me but I could only here a faint mumble. Not unlike being underwater.

Another pair of panty house was taken out of the bag and I watched as Carolyn placed one leg into the other to form a single sock. She then placed the nylon sock over my head and pulled it down all the way. She smoothed it out carefully. The last thing that I saw was Carolyns hands reach over from the back of me with a roll of duct tape. The tape was round around my head I don’t know how many times. My sight was completely cut off. I tried looking under the blindfold but not a hint of light. Total darkness. The tape was round around my head to cover my ears and to press the ear plugs in even tighter. I have no idea if she was trying to see how effective the plugs were because now I could not even hear a mumble.

My entire head must of been covered except my nose. I had no problem breathing what so ever. I felt Carolyn working around my toes. Being head bound I had no idea what the hell she was up to. As it turns out she took a piece of string and looped it around my two big toes and pulled it up until my feet were level with the floor and tied it off at my knees. It wasn’t until I felt her tickle the soles of my feet that I realized what she had done. Clever. Now I did not even have ankle movement!

I could move my head from side to side and up and down and wriggle my toes and fingers, but that was my only movement.

I could feel her sit on my lap. A tickling marathon had begun. I have no idea for how long she continued the torture but it left me breathless. I could feel the seman run down my penis but I was not given the satisfaction of at least cuming.

I was left alone for a long while, again I have no idea how long. I felt a different pair of hands on me, it was a different touch, so I must assume that it was either wife or someone else.

Wife took off the head bondage and without a word gave me a drink of water. Carolyn was gone. She did come back on the second evening of my bondage to release me. It took her sometime because everything had gotten so tight. Not wanting to waste the rope she refused to use a knife or scissors. I was grateful to be let go to say the least...

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