Time for a new profile picture  

rm_Masato13 64M
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9/2/2006 5:55 pm
Time for a new profile picture

I have noticed that some of the more interesting people anyway, change their profile picture from time to time. Keeps things refreshing and interesting. Says something positive about them in my opinion.

With that in mind, I do think it appropriate to give mine an update. However I wish to keep it in the same theme that I have now, that is a real picture of yours truly in bondage.

As you can appreciate taking photos of one self all bound up is rather difficult without help. I can certainly get myself into a jam and with practice could even take a picture of said bondage. Getting out as I have found and much to my chagrin at times, has proven to be some what difficult.

So I am in the process of contracting, well someone who is skilled in the art shall we say. Oh all right, I confess, its a professional job. There happy?

I intend to be clothed so don't ask for naked pictures. Another tight hogtie perhaps but this time a little more artistic? What are your thoughts?

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