tied up passion  

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9/29/2005 4:20 pm

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tied up passion

I like to lose myself when I'm in the throes of passion. talking is good as long as it sends me ever deeper into the hysteria of dirty wet sex. Like the last time I had sex with my wife (which I'm afraid to say was 2 weeks ago). She really got into a kinky tie-me-up scenario. she's a passionate lady but normally uses her verbal skills to give me a bollocking (thats giving me shit to all you non Irish). this time however she put her mouth to good use in a non blowjob fashion and started whimpering needily as I tied her slowly to the bedpost. As i trailed my tongue along her toes, over her ankles and into her inner thighs -her thighs were spread wide and her lovebox was available to my probing tongue. I decided to bypass her ever moistening pussy however to tease her and let her grow alot hornier. Instead i moved onto her hips and around her belly button and bulging breasts. I lightly trailed my tongue over her nipples and lips and let left long trails of wanton spit glistening on her hot body -all of which she couldn't see through the blindfold. by this stage she was becoming increasingly agitated because she was getting extremely hungry for my hard cock. her whimpers starting turning into whines and she eventually started articulating these sexual needs into orders to fulfill that need. Quote "you're turning me into a filthy bitch that wants to get fucked hard" or stop fucking around and start fucking ME". I was pleased with this because the only time she had spoken before during sex was to announce that she needed to fart or maybe I should cut my toenails. All of which has a dampening effect on passion as I'm sure you can all understand.

Does anyone else have anecdotes to pass on on this subject. what mundane pearls of wisdom have partners proclaimed in the midst of supposed passion??

Love to all


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