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11/6/2005 11:41 pm

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Well i had a nice long post created then my computer froze up and I lost it all.. was tellin you all about my photoshoot tonight.. I was the subject.. No im not sharing the photos.. I might add one or two of them to the network photo album.. but that is bout it. These picts are umm just too hot.. And my man is a awesome photographer.. srry bout your luck.. hehehee.. they were naughty photos.. lots of knots and string.. and other props.. and the erotic nature of the photos hits the top of the scale.. so no way can i share most of these.. lol beg if you want.. but it wont work. write more later.. I was very disapointed that i lost the other post that i was trying to write.. was much better than this one... too tired to try to recreate it.. going to bed.. bye for now

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1/26/2007 3:58 am

You have nice buns.

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