IM Still Here..  

rm_MamCsDawne 47F
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2/20/2006 9:55 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

IM Still Here..

Here I am.. Sorry to those who watch my blog.. I havent been here to write for a while. I have been dealing with Medical issues and now i need to catch up.. The medical issues arent over by a longshot.. but im here none the less..
How could our mother of created such different women out of us within the same environment?... Yet so much the same.. While my sis worries about me.. I worry about her.. But It seems that she is finding her way and becoming the Stronger person whom I knew she was. She has been doing well lately.. finding her feet and picking up what needed to be picked up.. im so happy for her. Yet jealous also knowing that Soon some nice Master is going to sweep her off her feet then take her far away from me again..He promises not to keep her from me.. Yet in the back of my mind i will definatly miss her being here. For those that know us.. and have been following our blogs ya know that she is the Domesticated one.. and I am the one who likes to work outside the home. Where she is content with housekeeping and looking after the homefront... Im out there looking out for the Money aspect of living.. making sure there is enuff funds comming in to provide for the needs of the family..
It is so crazy how two girls that come from the same place and same life, could turn out so wonderfully different yet so much the same.. Both of us want to look out for eachother. Both of us are caregivers yet in different ways.. Both of us long to be enslaved (her to the home and to the domestic side and me to the public and the not so domestic care of the family) I guess my heart is trying to allow for the pain that she will be leaving me but my other parts say "Oh hell no.. u cant take her.. you wont take her.. she is mine.. MINE I TELL YA" But my head knows and sees she longs for her own space.. her own life... and her own ways... It will be a sad day when she puts on her wings again to fly away.. But i will smile and be happy she has found the strength to put the wings back on. She will forever be an angel.. and will always be MY SIS. I dont guess anyone could change that.. But Dave sure is gonna miss his housekeeper.. And the kids will miss their Nana. *sweet smiles..
Our Mother would be so proud that she has created two very independant girls that are both so full of love ...... untill i write again.. BE WELL!

MamChelle 49F
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2/21/2006 3:55 pm

Aweee Sis Your so sweet. Since the wings keep getting broken it could be a while...ty for catching me as i fell.

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