7th Post (fantasy cont.)  

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1/23/2006 12:28 pm

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7th Post (fantasy cont.)

…It becomes harder for me to move without falling out of her pussy with each mis-matched thrust so I hold still and concentrate on licking and sucking her breasts, neck and earlobes. I hold her ass cheeks open for his inward thrust and push them together for his pull-back thrusts. I still feel his hard cock through the thin membrane separating her ass and pussy and my cock responds by growing harder and pulsing more.

I hold her face in my hands and study her striking features as she lets out a long panting moan. He's buried himself deep, kneading her tits and dumping his load in her ass. I’ve just barely held off shooting off myself as they both collapse over me. I feel his cock shrinking and retreating from its perch inside her tight ring. As it slithers onto my balls and ass cheeks it leaves a dripping cum trail connecting her ass to mine. He rolls off her and over to the side of the bed stroking her side with the back of his hands.

She’s breathing deep as she starts to slowly gyrate her hips over mine again. She’s working me back up to full hardness as she sucks my tongue deeper into her mouth working it like it was another cock. There’s no urgency just a slow grind as we explore each other’s bodies while he moves to the bathroom to wash off his cock and splash some water on his face.

She and I are on our sides now, legs entwined, working our tongues over any reachable body part. He returns to snap some more shots while telling her how hot she looks fucking this strange new flesh. She abruptly rolls me onto my stomach and rubs her body into mine while grinding her tits in my back and her wet crotch onto my ass. She props a pillow under my hips and bites and teases my cheeks while running her fingers lightly over my balls. The next thing I know she parts my ass cheeks and tongue probes my sphincter, licking and tasting around it while gently pumping my cock. The tip of her tongue slips into my ass and starts to work in and out. She’s trying to get in as deep as she can and I’m helping her by pushing back. I’m so lost in the sensation that I hardly notice the shift in weight on the bed behind me as he takes her place. I don’t really care who is doing what because it feels so good and his tongue is going deeper. His stubbly cheeks brush against mine and I relish the contrast in sensations – rough cheek /cool wet tongue. I open my eyes long enough to see her shooting pictures of the two of us.

He continues his oral assault on my ass as she slides into bed in front of me. She spreads her legs and invites my face in for some wet lusciousness while she gets some frontal shots of his face in my ass. I am eating her with the same relish that he’s reserved for my ass when I feel a cool liquid and warm hard finger enter me. His fingers are thick as he slowly works me, loosening my ring up and adding more lube. I feel each knuckle pass my ring and a pleasure pang races through my spine. He adds another finger and my ass contracts involuntarily making for a sharp shooting pain. He licks up my spine and breathes on my neck and ears while he holds his fingers still allowing for my adjustment and easing me into the sensation. While he slowly and firmly strokes my cock and balls he begins to saw his fingers in and out of my ass.
I return to lapping her sweet, soaking, neatly trimmed pussy. Sucking her lips and clit with abandon while I work first two then three fingers into her. I feel the weight on the bed shift again and then his big hands are spreading my ass while I push up on my hands and knees. His hard cock head pushes at my entrance. I try to relax as I push back a bit to work him in. The lube has him slipping north and south but not entering. He tries gaining entrance a few more times before he finally works the smooth tapered head in. I’m surprised that there isn’t much pain. His fingers and lube have me at the right aperture. He slowly works more of his cock in and I feel my ass stretch with the widening girth of his shaft. She shifts positions as he feeds more cock into me, waits, then feeds more, waits, repeating the process. As he reaches bottom she pushes her body under mine in a 69 and takes my limping cock into her expert hot mouth once more.

At this point I can only stare mesmerized at her glistening slit as he slowly starts to back his cock out of my ass. He adds more lube and works his cock back in building a gentle rhythm. Each inward push is brushing my prostate and it isn’t long before I’m shooting another load into her mouth. He continues to ride me, picking up the tempo while she milks my cock. I can’t believe the sensations running through my body as I start to meet his thrusts with my own backward pushes. He’s got my hips in his hands and is really reaming me now pushing my face into her wet crotch. She continues to suck me as I suck her clit with all I’m worth. To my surprise I get semi-hard again and feel like I could blow another load. My clenching ass muscles send him off. As he does he pulls out quickly as an orgasm rips through me. I’m moaning loud into her contracting cunt as he sends spray after hot spray shooting up my spine. I can feel his load hitting the back of my head and shoulder blades as he jerks the last gobs out of his cock. She reaches up and grabs hold of his cock and sucks him dry. She then climbs out from under me and licks the rest of his semen from my back saving a sweet parting kiss and flick of the tongue for my newly broken-in ass hole…

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