5th Post (fantasy)  

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1/16/2006 5:31 am

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5th Post (fantasy)

So a couple wrote me asking what I had in mind and I came up with this:

We meet at a hotel bar or restaurant to get to know each other. We decide we’d like to take it further and move on to the rented room with the queensize bed. I’m a little nervous so I watch the two strip down, embrace and lie back on the bed. I’ve brought my camera along and snap a few pictures of both of them as they kiss and fondle each other. She’s really hot. I can tell as his fingers part the folds of her glistening labia. He slides his fingers up and down along her slit and thumbs her clit while they kiss and rub against each other. I move in for a close up shot and he holds out two fingers to me. I open my mouth inhaling her rich sent. I suck in his fingers tasting her wetness. I work his fingers in and out of my mouth. His cock is hard and straining. I motion for him to enter her as I continue to shoot some pictures. I move to the head of the bed and am lost in getting a good shot of their hips working each other when I feel a tug at my zipper. She works my belt open and slides my pants to my knees. Before I know it her mouth is working over my cock head lapping up the precome ooze that is flowing. I sigh as she works the whole thing in. I’m not huge but she doesn’t seem to mind. He leans over her to get a closer look, still pistoning his cock in and out of her luscious pussy. To my surprise he starts to lick at my balls while she blows me. It’s too much for me to feel his tongue on my balls and stubble on my thigh as her expert lips on my head bring me to orgasm. They exchange positions in a flash and he takes in my load while continuing to work my rod completely draining me. As I sit back on a chair and catch my breath they kiss and exchange my load between their mouths in a long French kiss.
He has great stamina and continues to ride her. She pushes him back on his knees and turns on her hands and knees to suck his cock. He motions to me and after stripping down I slide in behind her. I’m still too limp to enter so I begin to lick her wet slit from her hole to her clit and back again my nose nuzzling her asshole. I lick and bite at her ass and tease the smooth skin of her puckered hole with my tongue tip. She moans as I return to her pussy and lick and probe with my tongue. He’s worked up to a steam and so am I. I position my hard again cock to enter from behind just as he starts to blow in her mouth. I enter her hot and tight pussy as he reels back and sits at the other end of the bed.
He picks up my camera and starts to shoot. I’m working her from behind, hands on her hips smacking her ass cheeks with each thrust, stroking her back and licking her spine. I lean over and massage her breasts that hang like ripe fruit towards the bed. I play with her nipples and feel her pussy contract on my cock. She rolls over on her back and I lift her legs over my shoulders and dive in again. I’m licking her thighs on either side of my head and sucking her toes as she squirms. I start sucking her nipples and he joins me. We take turns kissing her and licking her tits. He feeds his cock to her again and is hard in no time. I’m trying not to blow too soon as I watch this up close. He offers his cock to me and I open my mouth taking him in. I work his head while she licks his balls and ass. I’m trying to stay concentrated on working her and him. They lay me back on the bed and she straddles my hips again he bends her over me and lubes up her ass. She is kissing me hotly and grinding her hips down on me as he works first one then two fingers into her ass. I can feel them through her pussy and I get harder. She’s moaning loud as he lubes up again and works his cock slowly into her ass. I stop moving my hips so she can adjust but keep licking and sucking her breasts. We all enjoy the sensations as he works his way all the way in and stops. An involuntary pulse of my cock sends her moaning and we all begin to find a rhythm…
(to be continued?)

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