A couple of fantasies I have had recently.  

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2/11/2006 9:53 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A couple of fantasies I have had recently.

Inspired by an unidentified AdultFriendFinder member with whom I had a chat session, I wanted to share this fantasy for all you submissives out there.

Supposed I made you dress provocatively, in slutty high heel stilletto pumps, and a barely there mini skirt with plunging back and neckline. It's a size too small, and you are in danger of falling out at any time, but I am in control, so you must do it.

I hand you a pair of black lace panties to wear under this outfit. This is unusual, since I normally do not want you wearing panties. I want to be able to access you at all times. You look at me confused, but do as you're told.

I then explain that the panties have a hidden extra..... a clit stimulator that is operated by remote! We are going to a high class function where everyone else will be dressed to the nines, and you will be the only slut there. On top of that, I have this remote in my pocket. When I choose to, I will turn on the panties, and you will resist the urge to cum.
I'll do it when you are in conversations with your superiors, or when you are at the most vulnerable. Only you and I will know why you cannot concentrate, and why you are so fidgety.........

Another fantasy of mine involves meeting a hot Goth chick and having an anonymous, zipless encounter with her. She just grabs me, out of the blue, and says "I need it now. Can you give it to me?" She is dark haired, with black lipstick, a corset- type outfit, Leather mini, thigh high boots, black nails, the whole bit.

I follow her into an alley, and she pounces on me. "Make me cum right now!!!" she pleads, fiddling with my zipper. There is no fourplay, just straight to the sex. She and I climax together, then she reaches into her snatch, crabs some of our juices, licks them from her fingers, and say's "see ya Later!"

I don't know why that last one is on my mind. I am not normally into Goths, but suddenly..... Any Goth chicks wanna take me?

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