Wondering.....and honesty  

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9/10/2006 7:16 pm

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Wondering.....and honesty

It's been a day of wondering about how communication is so vital in a relationship and why some cannot even handle the basics of that. There isn't anything more to say about it right now.


Why does it come as such a surprise when you bring up something that has been in your profile all along and you've expected that the other person has read it. I've had several really interesting email conversations over multiple days and then silence when the person realizes that they didn't read the part about me not being h/w proportional. It would be nice to just get a quick email that says they're no longer interested instead of just stopping the communication. I'm honest, why can't you be?

Luckily, I know there are some out there who can enjoy a woman both inside and out. They can appreciate the curves of both the body and the mind. You know who you are.


I can see from reading my previous posts that I often use this to vent feelings that I'm turning over in my mind. You must be brave souls who continue to read my drivel.

One very good thing that happened today is that we had the first Sunday of the NFL season and my team is now 1-0.

I was just looking through the smileys and I'm going to put this out there for someone who gestures like this often.

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