feeling wet and bothered today  

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7/27/2006 11:33 am

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8/11/2006 4:22 pm

feeling wet and bothered today

i am feeling the need for release:
i had set up a meeting with a friend to meet and greet and things went a bit off in that way that murphy will often rear its ugly head and mess things up. so here I am left horny, desperate for a touch, any kind of touch, it just would be so nice if it were someone else's hand instead of mine again delving inside my freshly shaven nether lips to find the slick and hot inside...

I am so hot that as I drove down the street yesterday looking into the different vehicles at the passing traffic or stopped at lights I would wonder how those different men would feel inside me; folding me over the bed of the company truck they were driving home, or just how freaky we could get inside that sporty lil car that attorney looking fella could be; he sure was Fine!

I am going to just go jump on the bed and play with my favorite phallix pyrex piece and try to have as many orgasms as I can and take a tiny rest before the time comes to make dinner arrives.

how do you get a man to get on His J-O-B at home?
I am for damn sure on mine in the bedroom; I sucked his dick last night and all I got after a week or longer of (his insisting) waiting was a tiny lil mouthful of cum. so where am I thinking in the Hell has this fool been giving away my dick to?
some triathlete in here gonna say if you train too much or too often that its going to affect your sperm output?
just checking?

well that is all from me & my angry self and man I am aching for some serious rubbing fo' my kitty, any body for a spare hand to lend me?


Aaarrrggh 46M

7/27/2006 12:13 pm

If acting like a wanton slut doesn't get his attention then nothing will. Maybe you should share some of those driving-home thoughts...just reading them caused a anti-gravitational reaction for me. Good luck with your kitty...wish I could offer some milk..

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7/27/2006 9:24 pm

you are too sweet! the wanton slut gets rebuked and left to slake her lust alone; if at all most of the time she is made to feel embarrassed or inadequate for feeling that way. ya know the "time is all wrong" or "i am too stressed out from just gettin home from work"

Hello? am I not offering of myself and my body to use as a stress reliever? Take me! Use me!
Alas, no! it has never yet to be that way. for now I am his "lady" his wife and mother of his children and way too pure for those animalistic urges. THAT was what led up to the procreation of those lil imitation people that now co-exsist in the same residence! its as if its somehow my fault they are here? I made them myself???

what ever!

so its my punishment to be left to resort to my own devices and left by the wayside with a pulsing pussy that aches to be full of pleasure and that is dripping for the touch of an attentive hand?!!!

I am so very frusterated and lonely.
if I were a cat I would be yowling like I were in heat

randy0ne2 64M
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7/31/2006 5:37 am

Sweetheart there are people(myself primarily) that would be willing, ready and able to rub the rough edges off of your hot desires when you need that daytime relief. Dipping fingers, slippery tongue massaging sucking lips, finding the right places

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