7/21/06 remembering my first time...  

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7/21/2006 2:03 pm
7/21/06 remembering my first time...

my first time was when I was 17;I really loved this guy Marcus and we had just graduated high school that spring of 1991.
It was May the 1st and we both had been dating off and on during our junior and senior year and were all in "love" like only those high school kids can be. His mom was at work and we began it all by sneaking into his room at their apartment. We talked about all the things that had led up to this point in our lives. He gave me all this story about loving me and wanting us to move in together and be a couple, etc. He really wanted thought I was special and could not kick himself enough for almost losing me...
Then he wanted to get everything right. He got a few romantic tapes (yeah before cd's) together
of Jodeci and a few other of the time things and turned his lights down all low and came and set on the bed with me and we began the kissing and touching thing.
We were really into it and his cousin came in the room wanting to borrow some clothes; yeah that broke the mood really fast, and then on the way out he says to him about how his mom had called and is on her way home early.
So after Marcus locks the door and returns to try to get back all romantical (looking back its really pathetic)
he begins to get almost crazy with lust and grabbing my clothes and my breasts and anything else he can when it becomes exposed. After I am completely naked he does lay me back sweetly and eat me out like a professional and I cum on his mouth and fingers repeatedly; then he gets really excited and begins to lower his pants and boxers and looks at me shyly and says "I have to tell you something; this is my first time." I looked at him increadiously. I asked him if he was for real. He did say yes, and well I don't know if it was a game or not but from the way he shuddered when he pushed into my virgin pussy it is very possible because he came himself very fast and a whole lot. He was embarrassed at first. Then I told him not to worry and I kissed him and returned the favor of oral pleasure and I kissed his penis. He returned back to his full size and strength in record time and the second time around he signed his WHOLE GIVEN NAME in that Pussy!
Can ya dig it?

It was wild and rough and something else. His cousin was watching out the living room window for his momma and hollering when she turned the corner down the road to the complex, then into the complex parking lot, then as she walked across the lot, as she was checking the mail, the whole play by play deal ---
we managed to cum together and get quiet about 15 seconds before the elevator stopped on the 5th floor. His cousin was out there beating on the wall to the apartment like a crazy man.
We were all dressed and walking out the apartment as she walked in and she eyeballed me crazylike & looked at him sideways...but she did not say nothing.
I left there that day on cloud nine; loving him more than life itself. Stupid puppy love does that to ya.
I had not heard from Marcus for the next day after that -- so I called there that next afternoon; his momma was kind enough to tell me that he had left that morning for Army bootcamp and to not bother calling back.

To this day I hold a deep dislike for the Army...

History of it all:The attraction all began in freshman Spanish I class and I was pretty sure I hated him he was always making fun of me and trying to annoy the hell out of me; looking back it was the typical pulling the girl you like by the pigtail's kind of thing - for him. For me? Pure denial for the whole flood of desire that occurred whenever I saw him; cuz I got wet whenever I saw him in the hall or on the bus. It was just too much for me to believe possible back then. I had just moved from a very country-fried all white but for the two token black kids in the whole high school to a fully integrated high school in the city! Inter-racial dating was a daily occurrance here; just don't bring it to my house; ya know?

Anyway so fast forward to stolen kisses and grab-ass games in the crowded hallways and in the overcrowded busrides and to pep-rallies; it was pretty soon 5th gear and Game On. Then in mid-season his family moved to the next school district and even though he could drive to see me while visiting my dad and he could still drive things got different. I found out through some friends at that school that he was with another white girl and I got mad pissed. I cut school and posted notes all over his car and got his spot all blown up. His mom got all mad at me; whatever.
Then my mom and step-dad found out about us being together (me & a *gasp* black guy) shit hit the fan! step dad went nuts grabbed a gun talking about killing that N*&&*R and me too. Called gramma and grampa; it got stupid fast. Hell you'd think they would be happier if I was a lesbian?!
anyway we found ways to keep in contact and kept sneaking ways to see each other to make out; kiss and touchy-feely and stuff; no penetration much to each of our frusterations. That is until May 1st, 1991. *see the story above for details.

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