6/26/06 hot & alone  

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6/26/2006 11:06 am

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6/26/06 hot & alone

today like most others I am on a hormone high and alone with no outlet in sight.
My dh does not understand the need within me to have SEX a lot. I wake up in the middle of the night wanting it. I try to nudge him awake gently but get nothing but "leave me alone I gotta get up soon." So sad since it seems like not so long ago he would jump at the chance to jump up and fuck me like a sex-starved maniac. I guess almost 10+ years of knowing someone will begin to wear on some men. I would not know. For me? I think he gets hotter every day. I practically worship his body. I see him walk in and I want to unclothe his body and give him a tongue bath. I want to taste his salty sweat from his neck to his ankles.Then I want to go back up and take my time and worship & show his manhood my appreciation for its presence in my life. I would start slowly by licking and kissing at his inner thighs and across his stomach. I always appreciate his belly button,too. It is soooo Sexy. It is a very taunt innie-button across his very Sexy abs. I linger there for a few moments before going to do what I enjoy doing most. (Thanks going to my first Master and Lorde of Love & Lust Suave for teaching me what I know.)

I first lick his loving dick all over to get it all ready for its traveling into my hot mouth. I pay attention to the tender underside, all the ridges around the fat tip, and then I am always sure to go down an pay my homage to the hard working balls and sack. Licking and kissing and massaging, tickling, scratching with my nails gently...he moans gently as it begins to feel good and the feelings begin to transport him to his Happy Place. I then greedily and happily re-trace my steps back up his shaft, licking quickly to keep his utmost attention, I engulf his engorged prick in my juicy hot mouth!
He lays his head back and places his hand on my head, tangling his fingers in my hair tightly.

I begin to suck and swallow and swirl my tongue around the tip of his dick, he begins to fuck my face. I feel humbled, proud, and powerful all at once. I hold the power to make this wonderfully Sexy Man Orgasm -IN MY MOUTH! It is an AWESOME Feeling! It is a loving feeling.
He is on his trip to his Happy Place, seemingly alone; but with the knowledge I have it makes me WET. absolutely gushingly WET. I am close to cumming without penetration; that is how powerful the feeling is. I am concentrating on his feeling good. I am sucking his deeply into my mouth and taking deeply into my throat, timing my breating as best I can. Occasionally, he gets greedy and forgets my need to breathe, that is the price I pay for servitude. (Hopefully he won't forget too long, thankfully he knows CPR! I'd hate to die from my favorite pasttime! What would be on the headstone? She died giving head?)
As his breathing gets more ragged, I am getting more excited and more WET, this is so exciting, its so exciting I am moaning on his delicious dick in my mouth. I am sliding my hand up and down his shaft trying to pull his yummy seed into my tummy. I can feel his orgasm coming, my whole body relishes the impending release. I moan and whimper in expectation. That is more than he can take, his body tenses upward and his penis stands stiff and he cums in thick, long streams into my mouth and he would continue to cum as long as I swallow if he would allow it to happen. It becomes a sensory overload and soon he is tapping my head -- his signal for That's Enuff. I leave off there and lean back and swallow my last mouthful.

I always swallow --- it took a few harsh lessons of learning the hard way but I learned.
didnt I Suave?

FoursFiatsRubus 47M

6/27/2006 10:26 am

Damn baby that was hot!I would love to stuff my cock down your throat!

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6/29/2006 11:27 am

I bet you would love too sweet dark chocolate thang...
what else interesting things could you do with that LOVELY yummy dick in your hand? I'd bet it would melt faster in my mouth than in your hand! hehehe

anyway thanks for the recognition of my frusteratin' evening. most folks are just reading and going on about their days/nights. probably jerking off to it, wishing it was them in my mouth?

I also can do this wonderful thing with giving attention to the taint spot too!
Providing you were a gentleman and all and cleaned up all nice for me. I dont do musty; as I go all out and present myself clean and pretty for delightful things- I expect the turnabout is fairplay thing. can ya'll dig it?
have a fab time wondering how great I might feel on ya!

I am sooo bad, I just may be needing a spanking...

randy0ne2 64M
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7/4/2006 11:12 am

the only thing better would be for you to squirt your fem juices in my mouth at the same time.

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