Are We Cursed?  

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9/28/2005 5:11 pm

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Are We Cursed?

So here is the deal; in the time since we have joined this site we have had two "encounters" with other couples. These consisted of different acts, but both times would be considered sexual by most people. These both occured within the last three months, and recently we have discovered that both couples that we have been with have had their relationships come to an end. Broken. Nixed. Turked. This has left me wondering to myself, and others if we as a couple had anything to do with the break-up of these relationships. And what is worse....questioning whether "swinging" can be a destructive force in relationships and perhaps wondering could it hurt our own? I will confess that with both couples, in both cases the males seemed to be the ones most interested in swinging....with the women apparently being hesitant but willing participants. Now I know that everyone will quote the whole " if you are gonna swing you need a stable relationship...." line...but ask those people before we met if they felt they had a stable relationshp and I can bet that both would have said yes. This has us wondering what the future holds for us? Perhaps we are cursed, and can the same fate befall us? Any similar experiences out there? And those of you reading the blog...please take a min to write a response....we are beginning to wonder if this is a one way street here.


coolcouple82 37M/35F

10/5/2005 9:13 pm

I want to re-assure you guys 100% that swinging had NOTHING to do with our breakup. Sex was not an issue, nor was want of sex. There wasn't anything you guys did that led to us taking some time apart, so don't worry. Keep your chin up, I'm sure you guys will have lot of fun in the future.


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