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Ya caps work Again had to beet them off to work.

Here is a story true or not that is the question?

Growing up as a boy I was raised by all women, (sister,Aunts and Cousin) Two men in my life Uncles. I Listen to all the women in my family talk about men and what asshole they all are, and I learn what not to do when talking to them and what they all wanted from men.
When I was 16 my Mom shipped me too my Uncle in Washington for the Summer. His farm was in the middle of know-ware.(population30 for the county) My uncle Joe work at the Dam from before sun up till after dark. He was in his late 50's and his other half Barbara has in here late 30's. The first week I was there he was on his vacation. This was so he could show me what to do on the farm. water,feed the animals,mow the grass etc.
His other half took care of all the day to day work of the farm ordering feed, bills etc. and if anybody ever work on a farm their is a lot of work to do. The middle of the day and nights I did not have much to do but sit and talk with Barbara. Me and her spent a lot of time together working side by side.
She was my first love, and what I have based my whole love for women on.(that is being sexy and girly) She loved life to the fullest. She is what I call a jet city women, free to fly with mens heart and soul!!!

One after noon on a day that looked like it was going to rain, I finished up all I could do in the field before rain hit. I start up to the house and came through the back door and stopped in the kitchen to wash up. Through the kitchen on the front porch I could see Barbara sitting down on the coach, it looked like she was reading a book. She had on a red shirt and white underwear with socks with one leg hung over the side of the coach. As I walked closer I could tell she was not reading a book. She was running her hands across her body very slowly with her eyes closed. I did not know what to do, I just keep looking at her. She ran her hand over her shirt then under it and with the other she rubbed her inner thigh and then right under her underwear. I could see ever thing she was doing, and it was making me so hot for her. I started to walk backwards away from her when a lighting bolt hit the edge of the field. I still had my eyes glued to her. Barbara opened her eyes and saw me standing there she smiled at me and finger me to come over to her. I smiled and turned red as a apple. She got up and came over to me gaped my hand and sat me down on the coach, she looked at the stiff rod under my pants and said liked what you see huh. I sat up to kiss her and what felt like forever we locked in a kiss. I kissed her neck then her ear, her hands ran down my back to my ass then she took my shirt off then hers. I touched ever inch of her body with my mouth giving soft little kisses, I heard her wimper a soft cry.

more to come

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