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rm_LuvTheClit4U 35M
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8/1/2006 10:13 pm

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9/9/2007 6:26 pm

Sexual Experiences

Well, I am the relationship guy, but man do I have a sex drive that can kill. I got this hot black chick after me but she is too immature, however her body is not. So I might just get with it and stop bitchin about how she doesn't play the game right.

Masturbation has been at an all time high. 3 times day, becuase a certain married women keeps contacting me and it is a total turn on. Her husband want to WATCH!! Nothing is better having a consensual agreement that incorporates desecrating the oath of marriage. I do what I can.

Finishing up my degree, I think I want a law degree too. I have to have some more fun in life first. But I can definately see myself getting one of those.

I am looking for a special someone online. The requirment is that you have to know how things work, and you have to be really physically attractive, but not a slut.

Anyway, I am not a dick, and will talk to anyone, which is fun for me. If you don't meet my criteria, let's be friends. There is plenty there to have fun with too. Love you already.


tycosales 62M

8/1/2006 11:32 pm

Ive been with 2 black girls recently: one was a first time / one time deal, 35yr old, nice shape but a just little too thicke for me; the second is 26 yr old, 36-25-35 (I measured myself), beautiful face, and a great kisser to boot, reminds me of Halle Berry. Don't pass your opportunity up.

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