OK, goddammit. I want my word back...  

rm_LoyalCumpany 47M
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4/30/2006 2:43 am

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5/3/2006 4:26 pm

OK, goddammit. I want my word back...

I admit it. I like attention. I'm still a whore for attention. I just can't spread my legs apart far enough for attention. If attention were fuckable, I'd fuck it. I am still hard from my last post (holy mother of God, I got over 200 views in less than 12 hours? I gotta time my weekend posts like that more often). If attention gets me laid by one of the oh so fine women in this establishment, then attention I must get. I think you have the idea...

But then it's easy enough to get deflated. All I need to do is go look at other blogs. Male blogs. And I think "whaaaat?" (Yeah, I look at male blogs. Scoping out the competition, ya know? I'm not afraid to admit it. I even post on 2 of them so far). And some of the others, while I guess the women might think the guy's good looking (no talent, I'm tellin ya), the guy comes off like such a moron he immediately removes himself from the competition for any woman I might want to be with.

I'd link to this guy's blog I looked at today but trust me, you don't want to see it. He is either from another country and has an excuse for typing like that, or dumb as a post. I think he's had 2 responses, and both were a variation of "What in the fuck are you trying to say?".

But then there's guys like [blog valleyrat4]. I've already pimped his blog. Damn funny guy, and I'm seeing most of you who visit me visit him also. So enough of him. Besides, he's almost competition.

And I see many of you already read Seriously_Real's stuff. I mean seriously... er... really. Come on, this guy's a stud. He's the (insert title here) of Blogland, gets to fuck the Queen (his words, not mine. He wins). He has all the fine women all over his blog. And guys. It's OK though. He's still winning.

So now that he's taken my favorite segue-ish word away from me (Seriously, Honestly... I feel like a dork saying "come on"), I have a devious plan of overloading his blog with so many commenters he'll quit and come back on using another name (It's either this or I do do the Cartman trick of feeding him chili). He'll still get to fuck the Queen (still his words), just using a different name (wonder if she'll notice the difference?).

So go forth, my Loyal readers, and bring to fruition my hideous plan. And I shall have my word back, and be fruitful! Seriously.

I am JoJo the Circus Boy!

Seriously_Real 49M

4/30/2006 2:47 pm

Oh for cryin' out loud. I didn't corner the market on Seriously. Seriously, I didn't. And you can use seriously any way you want, as long as you keep saying nice things.

You know, if Valleyrat hadn't pimped you, I would have. I love the way your mind (dys)functions.

The blogs have always had a place for men with brains. I have noticed a pattern and an uptick in the per-capita quality of male blogs, and I gotta say I am glad to be part of it.

All that having been said, if you want to convince The Queen to fuck me delirious, go right ahead. I'm behind you all the way (but not in a POW kinda way, though.)

--Seriously (words are free; ideas cost money)

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 4/30/2006 9:03 pm:
Crap. You saw the plan and now it's foiled.

You can probably buy me from valleyrat. He's already talking about using and abusing me.

All I gots to to say is glad you don't live in AZ. This state and it's women couldn't handle 2 of us being so handsome and charming and witty. Wait, the women here aren't handling me anyway. Be glad you don't live here.

Thy Queen hath ordered me to divulge my POW story. Too bad I don't have much more than what I said...

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