My fellow men, keep it up  

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4/26/2006 3:19 am

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My fellow men, keep it up

Gentlemen, I have some access to what you send to the ladies here. My curiosity has led me to some wonderful examples of your pathetic attempts to grab a woman's attention. And no, I am not excluding myself. In retrospect, some of the messages I have sent have been as charming as a religious leader picking up on a 15 year old boy. Creepy.

But after reading some of the shining examples my muse and others have received, perhaps not. Mine may be awkward, terse, and generic, but they aren't sexually explicit, obnoxious, or rude.

Reading these have made me decide I should never again attempt to contact a woman through their inbox, as after reading yours, their mouse pointer must be homed in on the delete button.

For example: (I try to edit these enough to protect the innocent)

Saw your profile and I think you deserve a chance to get to know me. I think we could get along well. If you are interested (which I know you will be). drop me aline, and if you sound as interesting as your profile says I might write back.

I like the confidence. She deserves a chance? Might write back? Dude, you would cream all over the keyboard the second you saw your inbox had anything other than an autoreply and would be typing a reply as fast as you could, not caring if you had to fight through the mess on the indivdual keys. Then again, with that grammar and spelling, you'd just skip over the messy ones.

And speaking of messy, here's part of another:

thing but I've looked at your profile a couple of times now. Whenever I see your cute eyes and lucious lips all I can think about it is pulling your hair as you gag on my cock. Then I tie your hands with silk and eat your pretty little pussy until you cum again and again.

Chivalry isn't dead, it's been spit up and running down this guy's balls.

And finally, for the submissive, we have this gem most likely ripped out of a book somewhere (I tried googling it and checking the Library of Congress. I shot up to #35 on the FBI's Most Wanted List and received a pleasant phone call from Google's customer service asking me to never use their site again).

She waits for her Master. She has been naughty, and knows she will be punished. She has assumed a position with her hands behind her head and her legs slightly spread, as Master has taught her. She remains clothed because Master likes to watch her undress, or remove her clothing himself. She wonders how Master will punish her today. Surely he will spank her, because she knows Master likes to have her lay across his lap as he spanks her bare bottom. But, she likes to be spanked, because between swats, Master likes to explore and play with her body in all those special places. She like to wiggle as she lays across his lap and feel the bulge of his penis as it grows hard against her tummy. As she thinks of these things, she begins to feel that special tingle between her legs. Oh, she can hardly wait for her punishment to begin

Well written, articulate, detailed. Not a lot to say about this one, except recommending everyone to refuse any invitation into this guy's attic.

I am in definite need of some good old fashioned 69, missionary, then riding me like a mythical horse style fucking after readng those.

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