How Not to Get Laid, Lesson Three  

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4/22/2006 2:53 am

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How Not to Get Laid, Lesson Three

Nah, just kidding. It's the weekend, I want to focus on deeper shit. If you want a refresher on my first 2 lessons, though, read lesson 2 and lesson 1. I will present lessons 3 (How To Send Flowers at the Worst Possible Time, its a short lesson)and 4 (TBD) sometime in the next week.

I want to talk about etiquette. Read a post earlier today about a guy who likes to go to different people's blogs and pound his blog into anyone's eyes that happens to run across the first person's blog. Personally, I think that's pretty weak. I'm trying to get noticed by being clever and witty, cause God knows my looks aren't gonna do it. I also noticed if you post, right below your picture there's a link if you have a blog. Isn't that enough?

I'm wondering what the etiquette is on sending another member a message that you haven't messaged with yet. Is it acceptable to link to your blog in the message body, or should someone just mention they have a blog and let the recipient decide if they want to take a look?

IMO I have done it only because it's easier for them to find it. Now I wonder if that might not be sort of a turn off. Opinions?

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