Didn't think I would be posting a link to another guy's blog  

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4/22/2006 5:30 pm

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Didn't think I would be posting a link to another guy's blog

but this one is informative. And possibly a very good warning for anyone on this site. I may push a few buttons with what I write here, but there are a few lines that shouldn't be crossed by anyone. So, if you haven't already, read this post by SoyKOFLA.

I could go on and on about guys who abuse women, but they're not worth that much time. I have actually been on the receiving end of some of this, which is some of what I'll be confessing to in my next post.

(Warning, an attempt to lighten the mood approaching) I have never hit a woman, except once. My sister when I was a teen, and it wasn't a punch or anything. And frankly, she deserved it. We were in an argument like kids get into (except she was 21 or so), and she back me up against a wall and tried to knee me in the crotch. I told her to stop. She tried again. I told her to stop. She tried again. I figured I was going to be sterile for the rest of my life if I didn't do something, so I shoved her. She fell backwards into a closet and into a sewing kit. She was poked and stuck by quite a few needles and was a little upset at me. I busted out laughing. Wrong move. She got up, ran into the kitchen, and grabbed a knife. I boogied into my room and shut and locked the door.

Next thing I know, it was like a scene from "The Shining". The blade of the knife came through the door (cheapass door. What, two sheets of balsa wood?). She started kicking at it and finally busted through. I had already grabbed a basball bat and was about ready to swing when lo and behold, there's my father standing behind her, who had just come home.

My sister saw me looking behind her, turned her head, saw my Dad, and started bawling. She went on by saying I was going to kill her and how scared she was and went on and on with this story. I was speechless. I looked at my Dad and he just gave me a look like "I know what really happened. Don't worry".

Did I mention my sister was a psycho when she was younger? She's fine now. Married, 3 great kids, good husband, born again christian. But growing up with her was like living in a prison. Never know when you might get shanked.

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