And now for my version of something completely different  

rm_LoyalCumpany 47M
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5/26/2006 12:32 am

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5/26/2006 8:51 pm

And now for my version of something completely different

So here I was, opening my big mouth on gerson42's blog talking smack, like usual. And he just HAD to bring up the Phoenix Suns and how much he hopes they lose.

Well now, what's an avid Suns fan to do? Why, make a bet, of course! Hey, I have faith in the Suns! They're the most entertaining team to watch in the NBA!

Before I go into the bet, I'm going to quickly talk about something other than my pathetic attempts to get laid. Every basketball fan (who's team isn't still currently playing) should be rooting for the Suns to win everything. Why? Because they play the game loose, and fun. Fast breaks, quick scores, launch 3s, no egos... just playing as a team and having fun. Why should you root for that? Because when one team wins the title, other teams try to follow the pattern, and build their teams like the winner. The more teams who play like that, the more fun it is to watch.

Anyway, back to the bet. I bet gerson42 the Suns will get past the Mavs, and he accepted. Now, he deserves some credit for having juevos grande, as the Suns are already up one game.

The bet is the winner gets to tell the loser to take a picture of himself in any legal, not too strange pose (read: no public nudity and/or anything else that could involve police and prison) and post it as their main profile pic for a week. I hereby agree to these terms and am willing to face the consequences if the Suns lose.

Hah! Nothing like a little friendly wager...

I am JoJo the Circus Boy!

rm_gerson42 53M
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5/26/2006 1:09 am

I think that somewhat resembles what happened. Leave it to a writer to throw in a bunch of fluff like adverbs and a storyline. I better go make sure I get the facts laid out. Go...
who are they playing again?

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/26/2006 3:55 pm:
OH, like your blog about this wasn't much more entertaining. You actually spent time on Photoshop.

I guess I'll have to comment whore for suggestions about your pic...

sexymamma662003 33F

5/26/2006 9:25 am

iknow you will win


rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/26/2006 3:57 pm:
If I had control over this bet, I'd have more confidence.

I bet yer secretly hoping I'll lose so you can see me in a dress or sumthin...

jadedbabe78 107F

5/26/2006 11:15 am

Hmmm, good luck with that, lol.

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/26/2006 3:58 pm:
I will comment whore for suggestions on ger's pics tonight. I have an idea already, but hey, if someone comes up with something better...

dirtynastygirl2 55F

5/26/2006 12:32 pm

I am all about the Suns!!! Game 2 tonight, on frickin TNT, nothing like the powers that be blacking out the game on UPN 45 so fans can't see the game if they don't have cable TV. Okay that is my gripe.

I want to see a pic of you in a compromising position, but want the Suns to win more. They really are a team, not a group of single players like Kobe the Ass.

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/26/2006 4:00 pm:
One of the reasons I have cable. Well, that and Sopranos, The Shield, Deadwood, porn...

Poor DNG. Torn between the Suns losing and seeing my ass in a pic or something?

dirtynastygirl2 55F

5/26/2006 8:43 pm

Just send me a pic of your ass or something.
You've seen mine, acting as a vase for a carnation.
Remember..oh you were pretty drunk that time.

rm_LoyalCumpany replies on 5/26/2006 8:53 pm:
I really gotta stop drinking. So that was your butt? Would have thought it was mine, except yours is so much better lookin... I think. Wish I remembered.

Since ya didn't quite ask for the pic of my ass, ya don't get to see it.

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