Now I understand....  

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6/13/2006 5:07 pm

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6/20/2006 5:46 am

Now I understand....

First off, forgive my boring font and choice of color. I'll stick with the boring default settings and wow you with my rantings and thoughts alone.

Anyways..... I finally figured it out. I've been doing alot of browsing of the many profiles for all these stunningly beautiful women and I've been noticing a re-occurring theme. Somewhere in their profile in big BOLD text is the very catchy phrase "no single men" or the almost as catchy "women only". More than often it is repeated a number of times, sometimes accompanied with threats of blocking involved. At first it was unobtrusive... then I almost became insulted STOP YELLING,YOU'RE HURTING MY EYES!. I read your profile, I know your preferences, you like women and couples, of which I am neither, I promise I will not try to contact you. I am not a moron, I can read and comprehend the english language, and I am smarter than the average potatoe (I think).

Then I became aware of the true issue at hand. There are either some really smart potatoes out there or some truly dumb and ignorant men out there. I did not seek this information out, the facts were presented to me, quite bluntly.

I am very close to adding to my profile large BOLDmessages that clearly say WOMEN ONLY. Nowhere on my profile does it state that I am at all gay or in the least bi-curious. I have no issues with homsexuality at all, if you're gay, right on! All the power to you! Flaunt it, preach it, do whatever you like or whoever you like. DUDES!!!!...Don't assume that just because you have a cock that you know for a fact that I don't know what I am missing by not letting you give me a blowjob. Do not assume just because you have taken a cock in your ass, and love the taste of another mans cock and balls, that I really need to try it because you beleive you have the power to convert me to the "Darkside". Read my profile. Respect my choices, I respect yours.

So all those women out there that have had to idiot proof their profile for those that think they don't apply to the very specific choices and requests you have made, I apologize...

1. For initially being annoyed with you.....
2. On behalf of the respectful and courteous gentlemen that hopefully do outnumber the jerks and assholes.....

That is my rant for the week/month, happy hunting all, enjoy

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6/13/2006 5:43 pm

THANK YOU!!!! I get so many emails from single men or married men who think because they play alone, they are single. Apparently I have to change it to NO MEN ALONE. But then I'll still get emails from men who aren't alone, but are screwing around on their partner. Here's to hoping your email gets through to the people who haven't mastered the concept of this site. You ARE a gentleman, and I hope you keep your ass covered until convince the dudes you are a ladies man! To the dudes: He likes women! Have all the fun you want, but not with him! Think they'll hear me?

florallei 100F

6/13/2006 7:44 pm

Hello LL,

awwwwwwww...nicely is really true...knowledge gives wisdom...then understanding...glad u r no longer annoyed at us!

Hugs, Florallei

spunkyangel44 53F

6/13/2006 8:42 pm

I agree I also put some pacific in my heavy men....but to tell the truth, they still keep on writting.But I must admitt, a few have turned out to be pretty nice guys, I am just small and worry they would hurt me if they took the top.Nothing against anyone's weight....just wish they would read your advice.Men leave him alone....He's a straight walker in this life time!!!!

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