The hospital of HELL  

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8/30/2006 9:32 pm
The hospital of HELL

Now I have to say before anything else not every nurse that works at the hospital I'm about to speak of is horrible. In fact, Ive met a handful of wonderful women that have taken great care of my mom, so they can all exclude themselves from this blog. It was in some magazine, People's magazine I think, that mercy hospital in Iowa was in the top 10 in the world. Whoever came up with that apparently has never stayed there. I don't know how many of you have had bad experiences while being in a hospital but I never realized how uncared for you really are in a hospital (or at least this one)until I experienced spending alot of time in one. No one ever seems to know whats going on, they are so short-handed that there are 8-9 people to 1 nurse. The doctors are rude and to busy to explain simple questions or maybe they just don't have an answer. One doctor hit my moms femoral nerve during surgery and paralyzed her leg also causing her to bleed 2 pints into her muscle. This is something that is terribly painful and difficult since her other leg has 6 incisions in it from several surgeries and he couldn't even find it in himself to tell her sorry. I am just saddened by how the health care how gotten over the years. I could tell you horror story after horror story since my moms been in many in fact that I will say this,,if I EVER have to go to a hospital for an injury, I would go to the County Hospital (Broadlawns) before I let someone take me to MERCY HOSPITAL. One of the top 10 in America..HAHAHAHA,, beware people,,I would check into a hospital (asking people, search the internet,ect) before you actually put your life and trust into their care. This experience has really been an eye opener for me since I naturally thought you could just trust they would take good care of you. I will give you a few examples of what got me thinking of this,,,6 AM my phone rings and its my mother sobbing asking me to please please call the nurses station and tell them she needs help because she has blood pumping out all over her and no one will answer her call button,, apparently it wasn't working. Another time, after the doctor paralyzed her leg , her other doctor came in and wanted to take out her catheter but my mother refused because she was to worried that no one would help her get to the commode in time so him leave it in, she was being made to wait up to 35 minutes to have help to the restroom. And being told after her jugular artery developed a hematoma a little bigger then a marble, that there was no doctor on call to look at her, when she is in there for blood clots. I guess I just want to warn anyone who lives in my area or has to go into the hospital,,to think twice about putting your life in that hospital..I don't blame the people completely for all the things that my mom and my family has went threw there but I do blame the administration for being to cheap to at least have enough staff so that a patient can get a bath more then every 3 or 4 days. Or the dressing on the incisions after surgery changed before having to go 5 days with it on.. ok,, I'm done ranting and I appreciate you listening since I have to keep my mouth shut to the people at that hospital because my mom is scared if I say something things would only get worse. I just hope she makes it out of there soon. Next blog I promise to write about something happy and fun and with a tig of craziness.

peace out friends

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