OK,,,you wer ALL right!!!!  

rm_LostLilSoul 47F
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7/23/2005 11:25 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

OK,,,you wer ALL right!!!!

I found out last night that my handsome Dominate (or at least I thought) man that has been calling me telling me that Ive opened his eyes, and that he was going to treat me right when he got back and blah blah blah,,,got back 2 days ago and no one has seen him or talked to him. Well,,I would have to put money on that he his hiding himself away over at that drunk, cop-calling, bitchs house,,ashamed and embarassed to let anyone know he's there. Unhealthy relationships can mess your head up,, I remember after my last ex,,there was a man who tried everything to get my attention and instead of running at the chance to be with someone who showed me tenderness , love, kindness and the real way to be cared about,,I kept turning him away and ran back to a prick who threatened me, said the cruelest shit, cheated and who spit in my face not once but twice. It took me a few months of being away from this man to see how stupid I was and now that guy is back with his ex and I lost my chance. I still cant explain why I kept going back,,,when I knew I really didnt want to be with this person and I wasent happy being with him.. Does anyone know why this pattern seems to follow in unhealthy relationships? Why does a person do this and cant see how stupid it is? Its not love because I really didnt even feel love for this guy at the time i kept running back. Anyway, I am throwing any hope for this guy out because he's stuck on stupid and I know someday he will regret letting me get away..I could have made him a very happy man.. oh well

rm_4nik8_4u 62M
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7/25/2005 12:53 pm

I think you are confusing your desire for a dominant man with a man who is just harsh and uncaring. You can have the strong domination with someone who loves you. There can still be the firm hand, the demands of you, the control and even humiliation if that is what you want. But when you have these things with someone who doesn't love you he doesn't care what happens to you one way or the other. It can be difficult to completely dominate someone when you love them, but it can and does happen. I think you may enjoy a switch relationship, where you can take control every now and then and show HIM how it's done! Hang in there baby! You are awesome and those who don't see that have a problem! I would love to have my collar on you!


7/29/2005 5:39 am

Most of the time these things happen because we condition ourselves to tollerate things that are not healthy activities ( including relationships)to feel in such a way that makes us happy, even if it is short lived. We strive and struggle to get the other person to help us reach those goals each and every time we are with them and they want exactly what they want instead. It is a vicious cycle that actually starts with us striving to go after what we feel we need instead of what we really need! I would be glad to talk more if you would like . I am a man that has been used and yes, physically abused (it does happen to MEN also)! We need to train ourselves to make better choices and see through the haze that we actually put there ourselves and mask the truth! We want gratification right now and we have to control our instincts to keep ourselves mentally healthy! You need to stay strong and not settle for less than what you REALLY NEED! Stay strong, talk to you soon, Randy.

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