Sooner Boys!!!!!!  

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2/27/2006 3:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sooner Boys!!!!!!

Hey all,
I know I promised a different blog than this one. I changed it because I seem to offend people with my other post. I was told to be a well mannered boy. The only except to that is Sooner Football and Baseball. I was born in the mountians of PA. I was the son of a service man who could never do wrong in my eyes. We moved a lot because of my father being in the service. He was a highly decorated veteran. He search 2 tours in Korea and 3 In Vietnam. When my parent divorce I end up living in Oklahoma first in Norman then a farm but back to Norman. I lived with my dad most of my life though. I grew up loving sports, play it, collecting cards and Pitched at OU for a while before my arm got hurt.
I have played most all sports and was good. I moved to California to finish my education and really got one. I think in more degree than I ever thought I would. I have been married twice and am currently married to Brenda on here. When I retired we moved up here. She changed a lot of things in my life for the good. Everything in life has made me strong by listening and through experience. Recently, we have had our trouble though. Getting through them has been hard and still not resolved. She would like us to be with another woman and certainly respeak her desire to be with another woman or man. She does my self but if afraid of me leaving her for good because we have had trouble. I certainly have thought about it. I will go out eventually but don't know if I could ever leave here. If I did it would be heart breaking and time will tell if I do. Trust is something I value and her too. Living in Oregon has been difficult because there a not a lot people you can trust here. I have post this my 3rd blog to see just how many trusting people there are. I get people who responsed from out of this state who are wonderful and talk to a long of people on the net. However, in the town I live there are not many people I would trust at all and don't talk to them. I would go out with the right person and my wife would trust me. We don't hide things from each other. She does go out more than me because there are more women than men around here on AdultFriendFinder. I know she will be back because she loves me. Why is the big question? I don't think I have earned it or prove it, not in my book. So when I find some that I can trust I will go out. It was easy in other places. Just not up here.
So I will stick with my hobbies and working around the ranch until that person comes around again.
Until then it is:
Go Sooners!
I wasn't born a Sooner but I am Sooner breed so when I die bury me in Sooner RED!


BTW, I hope to here for you even if we do kick you butts in football everytime! LMAO

Brenda4Fun69 45F

2/27/2006 5:38 pm

GO SOONERS! I'm a sooner by marriage and love every minute of it! And to answer your big question - you have earned it and you have proved it. When we were with other women in the past, you never let them interfere with our marriage. Even when it was the most difficult thing to break off - with the other women, you did.

Yes, I do go out and have in the past, and yes I will always come home. Why? Do you ask? Because yes, I do love you and I know in my heart that I do. You asked today do I think it's possible for me to fall in love with someone else. I don't think it's possible because of all of the feelings I have for you. Even if everything I have, feeling-wise, is poured into our life by me, it may never be enough. But as long as you do know that what my feelings are for you, good.

I only hope that I can learn to play my cards right with you. Even though you read me like a book and can foresee what my actions will be, I hope that there are somethings I can do to throw you off my scent, if you will, so that I knock your socks off!

Oh, and just a reminder, I love you!

rm_Lonewolf538 54M

3/3/2006 10:26 pm

And that is the way it goes,

My wife Brenda actually Heather have given out our phone number.
Every one just waste the time calling her. She is just blowing you off and you dont't call so I don't get why you bother calling her.I guess she doeesn't want to she is her time blow you off and now caring who you are she really is because she just doesn't think you will call. You don't call me either so I guess you don't even want to talk to be just as friend so you have the number and she blows you off and and I just want to talk to some as a friend.

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