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2/24/2006 3:12 am

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Rolling the dice

I like metphors at time,
I think on that fits right now it play a good game of Craps. The Number 7 has alway been my licky number. In fact, it it was the number I wore all through my baseball pitching days. Little League, High School and on into College. It even took me 7 years to round out all my of degrees in school which total 5 but two class short of 7. In my married life I have been with 2 women but have had intercourse with 7 different women. Wow that is some big big sequence for me. The Number 7 keeps popping up.
However, in the game of Craps it is not always the number you want to see. Of course, box cars it two 6's and snake eyes are to 1's. If I were to add the number of women I have been with and been Married to it would total number I have been not including intercourse it would be 12. That is the rarest number in Craps and is consider a Push or a tie. Infact, I have 6 children. The first one was with a girl in HS and she bolted on me and put the child up for adoption and as Hard as I have looked I have never found the child even though I would like to if it was not upseting to their life. The secound one was a still birth and I had to bury that child by my self. Both of those two children were girls. I have four boys now three wife my current wife and one from my ex-wife. I am 42 and well my wife and I were playing to have a child. (Hopefully a girl) However, now she has said I have crapped out that she doesn't think she is pregant. This is a big problem to me. She has her freedom to go out and play around and I don't. Does she yeah but claims she would never leave me. I am not sure if I woud leave her she claims the sex with me is not great It feels good but it is not great. AS for me, she is is right it does feel good but no it is not great. So it looks like I have crapped out and when I tell her I think she or I should just move on to other lives she say that is not right. I have never broken a vow to her or promise. However, she has to to me. People have not even read my blog yet. I think it is time for some advice if you do not that I would base it on your advice. However, what would you do in the situations?

Just my newest update,
In Oregon.

jrb6955 60M

2/24/2006 7:03 am

Well I did check it out. I also read the responses posted by onlyfive and Anthonyblue to your post on the Advice Lines. I part, I have to agree with what each of these gentlemen have already said (particularly as it relates to updating your profile to reflect your marital status). Marriage counselling or personal therapy may help. You definitely seem to be depressed about the situation, which is not good. Also, for a person who states that they are well educated with five degrees, your typing skills leave one with the opposite impression. Try using the spell checker to clean up the typos. Other than that, I cannot think of anything else to tell you. I hope you get some help and that things work out for you. Just keep it real, keep it honest and be true to yourself. Good luck.

angelgrrl 49F

2/24/2006 11:42 am

Your situation does sound painful, and fairly familiar. I have to agree with jrb6955 that counselling is in order -- both marriage counselling and personal therapy (I prefer cognitive therapy, but that's a personal decision). You have to decide what exactly is best for all involved, but you are so close to the situation it is difficult. String free sex isn't a solution to the deep problems you're facing and in fact may make you feel worse. I do recommend blogging about it, even if you don't have many readers. It helps sometimes just getting those feelings and thoughts down. I've met some wonderful people here in blogland.

rm_Lonewolf538 54M

2/24/2006 3:43 pm

Well Look for to my next blog. It will be High HO it's off to world I go. I am not depressed and if I was I would go seeked help and we would both do that. But what stays in the bedroom stay in the bedroom. I am not jelousy and she has said I can go out any time I want I just am not going to. She has may permision.

As for Jrb, I have my degree and yes I do make typos but you do as well doesn't bother me and I am sufe you make them too. I May have been harsh on my hair but if I cut it it will be how I want it. I know you didn't bring that up so I was never aimed at you. Freedom is just that and tolerance is too Typos are not a problem. As for my spelling and typing I am just out of practice.

angelgrrl 49F

2/24/2006 5:29 pm

Rob, this is a written medium, so unfortunately, in order to communicate effectively, writing has to be a bit formal. I use the google tool bar spell check -- it's awesome. I'm glad you're not depressed -- another reason for wanting to take some care with your writing is not to avoid miscommunications like that.

As far as your hair, there are no comments here on it! Ignore the insults on the advice line. I would never actually ask for advice there because all I would get is people calling me a cheater

Good luck to you!

rm_Lonewolf538 54M

3/6/2006 12:31 am

Why use a Check Spelling all. We all are not perfect I not.
I think I spell well enough. Don't you make mistakes too some times?
I do. I don't mind it. I might make them now and then but does it really matter to me? NO! I might in the future too. Maybe in my blog or even my Newset Blogs Jbr or any one else.

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