Jamie (not her real name)  

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Jamie (not her real name)

Jamie, was married w/3 kids and a husband that had lost interest in her wants and needs. At the time I met her she had been cut off because she refused to dtop shaving her pussy. He said it was "sick" looking!! What is with that. I think it is something like homo-phobia. Nothing is more beautiful than a womans pussy, so why hide it behind a mess of HAIR!!!

Anyway After our swing fling she sent me an email telling me what she wanted next. We were to meet at a motel, after her shower she takes a nap, I'm to come in and have her blindfolded and tied up b4 she awakens to the feel of a strangers lips on her nipples.

When I arrived I tied her loosely with the scarves she left by the bed. Then on cue she started struggling and I straddled her holding her down as I leaned over and kissed her neck and wispered into her ear "Just relax and I will leave when I am done" The first couple times I tried to kiss her she moved away like she didn't want it, so I moved my kisses down her body. I lightly kissed my way to her sweet stawberry tasting pussy, I lightly licked her clit with my tongue before moving down the inside of her thigh, to her knees, trailing kisses till I reached her feet. I tickled the bottoms of her feet and watched as she squirmed in an attempt to get me to stop. Her nipples were hard and her breathing was getting faster as I started to lick her feet and suck on each toe.

She started moving her hips from side to side and she was becoming flushed. As soon as My lips touched her pussy she started bucking into my face hard as she came.

Once I cleaned her up I got the bottle of baby lotion I had brought. I covered her slowly from head to toe with the lotion, taking a long time with the sensitive areas. Her nipples were so sensitive by this time that she jumped everytime I touched them. As I sat between her legs I ran my hand over her slick pussy. I lightly caressed the lips of her wet pussy with my fingers. As my fingers moved lower she arched up trying to get me to enter her. Instead I run my hands over her ass cheeks as I start kissing her pussy, she cums again, this time, she gets my face soaked. She continues to tremble as I put 2 fingers inside her. She is pumping against me fast and hard. I stop fucking her w/my fingers and she BLURTS "DON"T YOU F***** DARE STOP"

With that said, after I stopped laughing since she didn't keep in her role of the captive, I slid my now oil covered body against hers as I slid up to kiss her passionately. My dick slid down past her pussy and slid between her ass cheeks ans as we kissed she started moving her hips. The feeling of her ass cheeks sliding up and down my dick was quickly bringing me to the point of no return.

I reached underneath her with both hands and pulled her hips up as I moved my dick toward her by now very HOT, HOT pussy. I put just the head inside, she started struggling, trying to get me further inside her. I continued to enter her with just the head again and again, we continued to kiss our passion growing by the minute. Then she got her hands free and in a flash she pulled me into her hard and to the hilt, all 8 1/2" were inside her. Fuck me, fuck me was all I could hear as moved my dick in and out of her.

When I came I felt like I had died!!!!!!
She sucked my tongue so hard I think she gave it a hickey! We laid there for a half hr before we came back to life.

She got up and took me by the hand and lead me to the shower, we soaped each other up. When I got to her ass I accidently slipped the tip of my finger in as I was soaping her up. When I did she grabbed my hand and held it there, she looked up and said "please", so I continued to play with her ass and I worked one finger in and she started moving against it. She starts moving her pussy lips against my thigh as I work my finger in and out slowly. She grabs hold of my neck and presses into me hard as she cums again.

She looks up at me and smiles, we rinse of and I am starting to put my clothes on when she comes over and kneels down in front of me. She takes my limp and overused dick between her lips, I just know there is no way there is another rise POSSIBLE.

NOT SO!! She sucked on it and it tried to rise but, half mast was about it, UNTIL!

The next thing I feel is a wet hand on my ass, then I realize she has baby oil on her hand. She runs her hand down the crack of my ass and I feel her finger as it slips in, to my shock!!!

In the same instant my dick sprang to attention and was totally swallowed by her hot mouth.

My surprise was quickly replace with intense pleasure. My dick was so hard it HURT!!

Never had a woman done that before! Eveytime I moved away from her mouth her finger went further inside me and the pleasure was surprising, but at that moment only one thing mattered, stopping the pain, not real pain just intense need to cum. I'd get almost there and she slowed down, again and again. Finally I couldn't take it any more, it was all too much.

I grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth as she fucked my ass with her finger, now 2 fingers, and moving faster and so is her finger. I start to cum and she grabs my dick at the base with her teeth and slips her fingers all the way to her nuckles inside me and I cumm and cumm, my legs are shaking as she releases me. I sit there exhausted as she dresses in front of me and leaves.

Always considered that part of my anatomy as a one way door. Learned something new that day.

THE next time she blindfolded me "A day of Surprises"



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OMG..thats so sexy..mmmmmmmm

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we need to talk sweet stuff...smooches...QueenB

Come on over...let's play in my Castle! The hide and seek is awesome!


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