The First Time  

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The First Time

I have written several stories about my life. Let me know what you think about them and if you would be interested in me continuing.

About a week after Danny’s failed attempt to see Toni’s pussy and school had just started, I had to start sitting in the back of the bus on the ride to and from school. This was the only way to hide my hardon. I had been gettig hardons rather frequently by this time but I had been able to control while riding the bus. Darlene started sitting in the first set right at the entrance to the bus. Girls had to wear dresses or skirts to school at that time. Darlene always wore a skirt but the past couple of days, she wore a rather short skirt and when I got on the bus, Darlene had her legs spread. I was able to see right up between her legs. I could see her panties which were pulled up tight with a crease in the center. I knew that I was looking at her panties pulled into her pussy. This was hot stuff for an eleven year old.

I wanted to get a good close look but the the kids were in a hurry as usual and were pushing to get on the bus. I noticed that she closed her legs just as he started moving up the steps. Darlene was smiling at me when I looked at her. Had she caught me looking up her skirt? God I was embarrassed. I must have turned 10 different shades or red. That was normal for me. I always turned red over anything embarrassing. I almost ran to the back of the bus to get out of her sight and hide the bulge in my pants. I started doing something dangerous then. I started thinking. If she knew I was loooking up her skirt, did she open her legs on purpose? Dis she want me to look up her skirt? Could she see my hardon through my pants? Why would she want me to see up her skirt? I was all confussed and embarrassed.

That weekend, a group of us were at the fort in the swamp playing games and messing around. As it started to get dark all the kids left to go home except Darlene and myself. What I did not know was that Darlene had been waiting for a long time for the two of us to be alone out there together and was to stupid to figure out from the flashes on the bus. I wasn’t in a big hurry to go home yet so I built a small fire. The night was warm but the fire kept the dew off and the varmints away. It was very peaceful and Darlene and I leaned against a log by the fire and started talking.

“Toni really did a number on Danny.” Darlene said.

“Yes she did and I think he deserved it too. I do believe Sis left a lasting impression on him too.”

“I was glad to see someone put him in his place. I know he will remember it for the rest of his life even if he doesn’t admit it ever happened. I just hope he learned something from it.”

“I would think he did, but he normally thinks of himself only and considers everyone else as his slave, especially girls. But you have to live with him. How has it been around the house?”

“Last week was bad. His temper keep him in trouble with dad and got his butt beat daily. He was on restriction most of the time, but he’s done better this week.” Darlene got a very serious look in her eyes and said “I wish Danny and I could be more like you and Toni.”

“I don’t know why you would say that, Toni kicks the shit out of me all the time just to let me know who’s the boss.”

“I know that’s not true. I see the two of you together all the time. Y’all smile at each other and laugh together. Y’all play together and are really each other’s best friend. Y’all don’t hit to hurt each other and you don’t say things to Toni that hurt her feelings. It’s very clear to everyone that you love each other. That’s the way it should be.”

“Guess that’s true but I know better that to do anything to her, She can be mean.”

I could tell that Darlene had something on her mind but I did not know what it was or how to handle it. I was planning on playing the Show Me game but I threw that out the window because of what has been happening on the bus. Darlene had something else in mind and I was playing by her rules at this point. We talked some more about the world in general and starting school for about twenty minutes, when she went back to her game plan.

Darlene asked, “Why did Danny want to see Toni’s pussy?”

“That’s a game people play.”

“Danny told me about it, but I don’t believe everything Danny says. How do you play it?”

I couldn’t believe it. Darlene was playing the ‘Show Me’ game in reverse. I had never heard of the girl initiating the game, but I wasn’t going to stop it. I liked it, and planned to play it to the max.

“First the girl takes her pants down.”

“Like this?” And up Darlene jumps and drops her pants down.

Feeling a little more in control and in shock now I said, “No, you have to take your panties off too.”

Off her panties came and I’m sitting there looking a hairless pussy and Darlene is standing there just as proud of herself as she could be.

“Well, what’s next?”

“Next, the boy takes his pants off.”

After a few seconds, Darlene gets impatient and says, “Well get up and take your’s off too.”

Without a second thought, I jumped up and took my pants off. Then I feel embarrassed, I have a raging hardon and I’m standing there with it standing proudly at attention.

Darlene just looked at it and said, “Damn, your’s is the biggest one I have ever seen.”

“You’ve seen others?”

“Oh yeah. I’ve done this before but your’s is bigger than the other dicks I’ve seen. What’s next?”

If she has done this before, she knows what’s next, but I figured I wouldn’t throw a monkey wrench in the game. “Well, next the girl touches the boy’s dick.”

Darlene immediately stoops down and takes my dick in her hand and looks at it like it was the strangest thing she had ever seen. This was wild because all any other girl ever did was touch it and say “Ooh, it feels funny.” and draw back and never touch it again. But Darlene has always been a very outgoing person never letting anything scare her.

“I have seen dicks before, but I have never touched one. It feels different than what I thought it would.” Darlene then pulled the skin up my dick and then down. “Wow, it feels hard but soft at the same time, and the skin is loose on it. I never would have thought it would feel like that. It really feels nice.”

She then moved my dick to the side and touched my balls with one finger.

“These are you balls, right?”

“Yeah. Are they what you thought they would be?”

“Not at all. They feel real loose and weird. Don’t you have problems sitting on them and mashing them crushed between your legs?”

“Not really.”

Darlene was really fascinated with my dick and balls. She inspected every inch for about five minutes, squeezed them and opened the little hole on the end. She was just amazed at all of it. Even if she had seen other dicks before, I don’t think she had ever seen a dick this close.

I didn’t want her to stop, it felt really good and I liked it, but Darlene stood up slowly and said “WOW! Now it’s your turn.” and spread her legs apart.

“Since your pussy is between your legs, it might be easier if you laid down.” Which she did without hesitation with her shoulders on the log so she could watch what I was doing.

My stomach was still turning and my head was swimming, but I had never been so excited in my life. It was so beautiful, just a tiny hairless slit laying there between her closed legs. I was in awe of the smooth folds of skin, and the lack of anything else around them. “Spread your legs a little, Darlene. I can’t really see anything.” My voice was almost choking in my throat. Darlene spread her legs a little leaving me a clear view of the little line running down her crotch and connecting with the crack of her butt. When I knelt down to look at her pussy up close, she spread her legs just as wide as she could and I could see the red inside of her pussy. I had never seen a pussy this close before. I’m not sure what I was saying or if it made any since but Darlene wasn’t really listening, she was enjoying everything that was happening. One thing she had that I had never seen before was what looked like a little dick at the top of her pussy. “What is this?”, and touched it.

“Ooh, that’s my sweet spot.”

“What do you mean sweet spot?”

“I’m not sure what it is but it is very sensitive and feel real good when I rub it.”

“I’ve never seen that before.” and I rubbed on it a little but it really made Darlene squirm a lot so I stopped and started looking all around the inside of her pussy. I was surprised at how wet it was and how big the hole was. I must have looked like a doctor checking it out. Darlene was watching every move I made with a big smile on her face. Her pussy also had a little smell to it that wasn’t strong but noticeable. The smell wasn’t bad at all, in fact it was rather pleasant and very exciting.

As I sat up, I said, “That is amazing.”

At that point, Darlene scared the crap out of me. She said, “Is this when we fuck?”

I had always dreamed of fucking but the thought of ever really doing it had never really crossed my mind. But without thinking any further, I said, “That’s right.”

So Darlene slid down until she was flat on the ground, and said, “I’m ready.”

I got over her and guided my dick right to the lips of her pussy. I’m sure I was shaking like a leaf. Thoughts that I shouldn’t do this, out of fear, flashed through my head. But that passed in a split second and I started to push my dick into her pussy. I expected Darlene to say “Stop, you’re hurting me," but she was looking down with me watching my dick go into her pussy. Her pussy was real tight and squeezed my dick tighter than I ever could with my hand. My dick slid in easily because her pussy was really wet. When it was about halfway in her, it stopped. I was at the bottom of her pussy. I had never felt anything so wonderful in my entire life. Her pussy was very tight and warm and made my dick burn with all the feelings inside it not to mention all the excitement in my mind. I pushed a little harder but it would not go any further so I started wiggling my dick slowly around in her pussy. I could only move it slowly because it felt so good that it hurt to move it any faster.

When I looked up into Darlene’s face, she said, “That sure does feel good.”

I was almost speechless but manage to say, “That is the greatest feeling in the world.”

I moved my dick around in her pussy a little more and pulled it out. My dick was really wet but I put my pants on, I got my underwear really wet, but, I didn’t mind one bit. Darlene was putting her pants on at the same time. We sat down next to each other and I put my arm around her. It was at that point that it occurred to me that at age eleven, I had just lost my virginity to a skinny nine year old girl.

After about five minutes, Darlene said, ”That must be what dating is like.”

“If it is, I’m going to be dating a lot.” I had to know more about what had just happened, so I asked, “Did it hurt you at all?”

“No, in fact it felt real good.”

“Well, how did it feel to you?”

This struck a nerve with Darlene because she sat straight up and turned toward me and started talking.

“I wanted to do this for some time. But today was the first time that we were alone here together. By the time everyone had left, I was getting real excited. By the time I asked you why Danny wanted to see Toni’s pussy, I felt all tingly inside. I knew why, but I wanted to get the ball rolling.”

“Well, you got it in my head all right, but I had no idea what you were up to.” This isn’t what I meant when I asked her how it felt but Darlene has never been shy and I was curious about all this too so I’m glad she was telling me all this stuff.

“By the time we pulled our pants down I thought about stopping and running home. But I wanted to do it and I really wanted to see a dick up close so I stayed. I’m glad I did.”

“Me too.”

“It was real exciting looking at your dick real close and touching your balls. I was surprised by how big it was and the way it felt in my hand.”

That surprised me, because I had never compared my dick with the other boys, but I didn’t say anything because Darlene was on a roll and I didn’t want to stop her.

“When you started touching my pussy and rubbing my sweet spot, I thought I was going to pee in my pant except I didn’t have any pants on. I know I must have been wet because I always get real wet when I feel that way. But it really felt best when you put your dick in my pussy. It felt real tight and warm and I felt all bubbly inside. I felt real close to you the whole time and you gave me a wonderful feeling all over. I felt a little sad when you pulled it out because I didn’t want it to stop.”

I had never see Darlene so excited and happy before, but I had to ask her some more questions. “You made it sound like you’ve seen other dicks before, have you?”

“Oh yeah, I’ve seen a number of them but I’ve never touched one with my hands or seen one up close like that before.”

“Why did you want to do it with me?”

“Because you’re not like the other boys. They hurt me. You’re nice and I knew you would be nice to me.”

“What boys hurt you and how?” This bothered me. I really have a dislike for boys that hurt girls.

“I shouldn’t tell you, but about two months ago, Danny and two of his friends came in my room and pushed me on the bed. Danny pulled my panties off and the three of them rubbed my pussy real hard then all three fucked me. I really didn’t fight them because I didn’t really know what they were doing. It hurt and I didn’t like it at all. I wanted you to do it right so I can see if it hurts all the time or if it really felt good the way all the other girls said it did.”

“Danny fucked you and forced you to let two of his friends fuck you too? I knew Danny could be an asshole but this takes the cake.”

“Please don’t say anything because Danny will really hurt me if he finds out I said anything! If you tell anyone I will never forgive you and will hate you forever.”

I could see that this was a real concern to her so I promised I would never tell anyone. Darlene got real quiet for a few minutes and put her head on my shoulder again.

“Well, I hope you found out that it can be very nice and something you would want to do again.”

“Like I said, it was wonderful and I know I will do it again.”

“Promise me one thing, you will never let Danny or anyone else force you to let them fuck you again. I know you and you can stop it from happening.”

“I promise. I learned a lot tonight and now I know what it really is like so I will never let that happen again.”

“If it does, let me know and I will set the record straight.”

We sat there and talked for about another 15 minutes and talked. I had a hard time talking about a lot of things. All I had on my mind was what had just happened.

I started touching her leg and she seemed to like that so I moved on. I rubbed her crotch a little and then pulled her pants down. I had no idea what I was doing but I knew what I wanted and she seemed to want it too, so I just did what seemed right.

I wasn’t sure what I was suppose to be doing with her pussy but, she got excited when I rubbed over the top of it. I notice that her pussy was wet when I ran my finger along the inside of her pussy lips. I’m not sure if it was left from earlier of if she was getting excited again. I did know I found it very exciting. The secret, I found, was rub her sweet spot very easy and slowly. That wasn’t easy because of my excitement. That’s when she opened her leg wide apart and said, “Wow, that feels really good.”

After I rubbed Darlene’s sweet spot for a little while I asked, “Let’s do it again.”

Without hesitation, Darlene agreed. So I took my pants off and fucked her again. This time we did it longer and we moved around a little more.

It was starting to get late when we finished so I put the fire out and we went home.

I didn’t sleep for three days after that. In my mind, I fucked every girl I knew and thought of all the things I should have done. I couldn’t wait to do it again. Darlene and I got together again about two weeks later and it was just as good as the first time and we both had a great time.

This was the last time I did it with Darlene. At school, we had different friends and moved in different directions. All throught our school years,we were very good friends. Darlene would come to me with her problems and I would always help her. Although we were always very good friends after that, we never had another sexual encounter.

Darlene was never very close to Danny after that. Darlene said after she kicked him in the balls a couple of times, he figured he better stop messing with her.

Darlene was one of the sweetest people I have ever known and everyone had the highest regard for her. She married a very nice guy right after she graduated from high school and had three children. I haven’t seen her since I moved away from home but she is happily married to the same guy and is still the same sweet person I have always known.

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I am so jealous of Darlene At our age it would be"" twice as nice""


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