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I have written several stories about my life. Let me know what you think about them and if you would be interested in me continuing.


After my first time experience with Darlene, I could not get sex off my mind. That was all I could think about. I dreamed about every girl I knew and schemed about how to get some more pussy. I was a kid possessed. I never did anything about it but I did think about it a lot.

One Friday night about three months later, I was in bed having another sleepless night. Needless to say, I had sex on my mind again.

That particular moment, I was thinking about that night with Darlene and was reliving every moment of all that happened with her. While I was thinking about Darlene, I was rubbing and twisting my dick and balls. That really made my dick feel good.

That’s when I came up with a brilliant idea. I could use something that had a hole in it and pretend it was a pussy. Well, all I could find in the middle of the night was a stuffed toy bird of some kind that had a hole in the fabric.

I laid on my side in the bed and slid my dick into that hole in the stuffed bird. I stretched the hole a little but it was just the right size. I started twisting and rubbing that bird on my dick and dreamed of Darlene. I found that moving my hips so that my dick slid in and out of that bird, made my dick really feel good. I started thinking about how good Darlene’s pussy felt and how good my dick would feel in a couple of girl’s pussies from school. I was having a good time.

All at once, I got the funniest feeling in my dick. It burned without burning. It felt as if all the blood in my body was being forced into my dick and it would not fit. I quickly pulled my dick out and held onto it tightly, but it would not stop. I was beginning to wonder if my dick was going to split open. The strange thing was that it really felt good. The intensity just kept building and I was becoming really scared now. I must have broken it.

Thoughts of trying to explain how I broke my dick to my parents was racing through my head. The intensity was building to a point that I could no longer stand it. The intensity was going all through my body and had me doubled over trying to ride this thing out. I felt a continuous jolt of electricity through my body and a rush of blood going to the head of my dick. This scared the hell out of me because I could feel the head of my dick swell up till I thought it would break open at any moment. Then it happened, I had a hand full of what felt like warm blood all over my hand. The head of my dick had split open.

I wanted to jump up and check it out in the bathroom, but I was unable to move The intensity was still there pounding on my dick and racing through my body. Finally, the intensity died down enough so I could stand up. When I tried to stand, I had to steady myself on the bed and furniture because my legs were still shaking. I was trying to hold my dick and keep the blood from dripping on the floor as I stumbled to the bathroom. When I got to the bathroom, I quickly closed the door and flip on the light. I could not believe it. There was no blood. My hand was covered with some clear creamy goo. I had just cum. My hand was full of cum. I had never been so relieved in my life.

I quickly cleaned my hands and dick. I inspected my dick very carefully to make sure I hadn’t hurt something. When I was sure everything was OK, I took a hand full of tissue and went back to my bed.

I wanted to try that again. This time I knew there was nothing wrong so I planned to enjoy it to the fullest.

I filled the tissue in a very short time and had a dirty pair of underwear sopping wet by morning. I almost wore my dick off that weekend. The whole family was worried about me because I stayed in my room all the time, and Toni just would not leave me alone trying to find out what was wrong.

Toni and I had never had secrets between us before. I never told her about Darlene. First I could never tell on Darlene, plus, Toni would think I was stupid. I was convinced Toni would tell my parents and they would tell Darlene’s parents and then the police would come and arrest me. NO WAY! How could I tell her about this? She would think I was a pervert. She would tell my parents and they would make me go to the mental home for perverts. NOT A CHANCE! This would be another secret that I would have to keep from Toni.

All I knew was that I had found a gold mine of pleasure.

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