a Wolf's journey  

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2/21/2005 5:39 am

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a Wolf's journey

(an attempt at a character introduction)

She raced blindly through the forest, stumbling as she tried to favor her injured paw. Near exhaustion, and with no sense of direction, she was just running. Anywhere...anywhere that is away from where she came from... flashes of the horror playing through her mind.

She had been running with some from her pack, chasing down a deer to feed on, when they became the hunted.

Flashbacks of horses crashing through the dense growth noisily, the human voices loud in her ears. Some of the pack fled back towards the den, and a few of the hunters gave chase.

The rest ran with her... running faster, faster... a desperate attempt to outrun the danger... and then cornered... sheer cliff face ahead... hunters behind... then a loud sharp sound and a yelp as one of her pack fell. Again... and again. She whirled about with the one who remained and ran straight at the hunters, and past... trying to escape. Another sharp sound echoed, followed by a pain like fire in her left forepaw. She stumbled and kept running, finally finding cover in the dense undergrowth. Another yelp in the distance, another left behind. As the voices grew more distant, she tried to regain her sense of direction and headed back towards the den.

As she neared the safety of her den, she caught the scent of the humans, and of blood. She came across one, then another... And another. Her mate, her pack... all dead.

She turned and ran blindly away, mind reeling. All the knowledge... all the rituals... none would bring back those who were lost. Things had been peaceful. They had forgotten the lessons that had been taught. She should have been more cautious, she should have protected her pack... and now they were gone.

As the full moon began to rise in the sky, the smell of smoke and the sound of voices brought her up short. She froze, listening... these voices... these were different. The sounds they made were familiar. She moved cautiously in their direction, staying well hidden, as a huge fire came into view, and around it, humans... but not hunters. Hunters didn't dress this way... hunters didn't speak this way... she knew these sounds.

She stumbled again, white hot pain shooting up her leg. Her vision dimmed and she fell. There was no strength left to rise, so she lay in the thick undergrowth, breathing raggedly, the scent of the fire and her own blood in her nostrils. She stared at the fire, and at the dancers as they chanted the words to an ancient ritual.

As she watched, firelight reflecting in her eyes, the happenings of the day replayed in a jumble of images and sounds, mixed with flashes of a dream... the same dream she'd had for two seasons now. She shook her head trying to clear her vision and the world around her spun and went black...

(to be continued...)

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