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3/16/2006 7:05 am

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3/20/2006 6:49 am

FAKE member

I dont know if this is an anoyance for you but it to be a growing number of fake member, recently i "get in contact" by mail with one of them. She is cute, her profile was ok, but in one of her mail she gave me an URL who link to "her webpage". Simplistic design, some nice realistic picture, on that way nothing wrong. Bottom of the page give us a

" have so many more pictures that both my ex-boyfriend (way old news BTW!) took that I wish that I could show you but these types of pictures must be protected from minors and people that don't want to see them. I guess that I could get into some serious trouble if I just put all the pictures that I have on here and a minor accidentally sees them. I don't want the trouble so I searched the Internet and found this site that does the verifying for free.

It's cool because by signing up and getting your Adult Bureau ID, you can view all of the pictures that I had to protect. I could also be assured that your not a minor so I can give you my Phone Number and Contact Info so that we could stay more in touch."

Internet services and "free" dosent match for me. Im continuing, aware of any, membership rate... and i found it.... fuck... all that for being taxed again. After i made some search and i found many other profile like her. And it seem to grow. It's a subversive way to get money and once you want to get refund the companie seek to have financial difficulties... yeh!right....

be vigilant...

if you receive this:
"Hey beautiful!

Receiving your message really made me happy. I haven’t received any other mail that made me want to respond. I believe we'll be able to click, and to make sure we do, let me tell you more about me. I'm very opened to all kinds of relationships; I want to take it as slow or fast as we decide. I think the will be the best thing to do... although I kinda want to start sharing some erotic thoughts. I want to know what you think, so please e-mail at iwishsomechange1614 at yahoo.com.

BTW, I have a very high libido I hope you'll be able to benefit from that very soon…

See ya’, and thanks again!"

i received this from "gorjuzgirlykdp" and she is fake there is no doupt.

1010011011 35M
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3/16/2006 7:36 am

I usually report all members that try to get me to join their websites, or pay money from private shows. It seams to work, AdultFriendFinder usually removed the profiles. and it gives me the feeling I am making this site that much more better.

to report, click on help and then scroll to the bottom: abuse and spam, then click on: abuse team

rm_LogJAM76 41M
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3/17/2006 10:45 pm

I already sent a message to abuse team and few links to the "sites" that are linked. But it seem that is a growing problem, many woman who recently appear on AdultFriendFinder in quebec seem to be fake, there is no way to proove it really but... same strcture of profile... realy low probabylity that they speak "ONLY" english... in quebec near every body talk french and more you get east and more the probability to talk only "french" is real. Woman who dont speak french in montreal .... probably... one who dont in Quebec city... hhhmmm! maybe but not really in that quantity. Everything east montreal and away borders except great town.... near impossible to talk only english..... there is something to done....

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