Unrelated to sex... how odd...  

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2/27/2006 4:02 pm

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Unrelated to sex... how odd...

So... I just got home from work and was sitting here checking messages, bank accounts, and stock info (my nightly routine) and I knoticed I had a strange mix of things left in my pocket from work. (see below) My question is, what is the strangest thing you people have ever taken home from work without thinking about it?

Tonights Inventory:
Acid Brushes (2)
9/16 Nut (1)
9/16 Bolt (1)
9/16 Wrench (1)
Random O-Ring (7)
Hex Adapter (1)

(I'm a mechanic by the way... to these things make sense to me.)

Strangest thing brought home from work by accident:
1" valve carbide cutting tool. There really is no use for that around the home. I tried to think of something...

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