Michigan City Offices / Programs - R run like shit  

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8/17/2006 9:32 am

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Michigan City Offices / Programs - R run like shit

If it weren't for the Blue Chip Casino River Boat and the nice Park and Lakeshore & Marina which is located here, there'd be 'tumble weeds' being blown down the middle of Franklin Street, Washington & Pine Street.
All the businesses are leaving, and I don't blame them. The poor caliber of workers to select from, is deplorable. The days of Haskell Barker/Pullman are long gone. The schools are poorly run, barely any improvement in the historic downtown area. If NIPSO had an Office downtown / and a place to pay your phone bill, might encourage some people to go downtown and stop at a new store. South Shore Bldg on 11th street - should be restored. The Libary, The News-Dispatch, The worthless Police station, needs to be put on vacant property over to the east or west side. If there was a straight run up to the Lake from I-94, I-80/90 , more people would be encouraged to take a drive to the Lake, thereby bringing in more revenue.

A few more, in addition to Mark K., his half/ass brother Dickie, & Donnie Webb, need to be fired. Kunkle shouldn't be too far behind.
They send cops out when getting stupid calls about 'they threw garbage in my yard, or she'd laughing at me, calling me names ' ( NO garbage was thrown, and we were bar-b-qin, and laughing about Emeril and Rachael Ray) = Does this 'moron, Mikey ' forget the names he was calling me & my company ?- when he first moved into the neighborhood ? Only decent cops on the job are J. Hudson and Mr. Chamberlain.

Nothing much left in the Park to do. The Oasis is long gone, the lil train ride thru the park, all the amusement rides are gone. It isn't worth the price of admission to go there. Fix what there already is there, before making messed up improvments. Closing the drive - in front of the Zoo, and bathrooms, was SO stupid.

Would be nice if there were a drive to get further down near the water, for those who have problems walking. They'd be able to use wheel chairs to get close to the water. No more little cottages, as once was - like ' Ramona's .
Miss that a lot. No lil stores left on the corner of Lakeshore & Lake st.
TOO many condo's by the high priced developers.
If it wasn't for the rich people on Lakeshore Dr and the immediate areas, a lot are part-time residents) Michigan City would dry up, and be full of projects, and the 'patch'.

More condo's by the old 'Brewery' ? LMAO

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