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Feminist origins are understandable, given their oppressive circumstances at the time and feminism was a good vehicle for them to use to group together and fight a partially bigoted male dominated society.
However the woman’s battle has long ago been won, yet their still at it, rebels without a cause. These woman groups are so on the defensive now, that they are actually offensive manipulatively playing on both sides of the rules. These modern day feminists are trying to oppress men. They are more and more becoming if not already become the original male stereotype that they fought against once upon a time, but a whole lot worse, you get the nagging as well.

Most feminists today are not feminists because of oppression and an uneven playing field, oh no! These are now deemed to be figments of yesteryear. Feminists today are not what they started out as, now they are a politically mutated group that have been born and raised by a generation or two of ugly 10 pinters whose bitterness seems to flow from their rather inactive sex lives.

Their pride which in the first instance was very commendable has also mutated along with their politics and has gone from e.g. “I ain't a dishwasher” or “If I want to go out, I’ll go out” to “It ain’t that I’m ugly and can’t get any, Its because I choose to be a dyke” or “Huh, men!”

Attractive women on the other hand seem realise just how good that they’ve got it.
They have well paying decent jobs, booze it up the wall, shout and wolf whistle, down pints, sleep around, get into fights, shoplift, take drugs and have a perv when their with their mates. This is the stereotype women use to slate us men with, the stereotype that they have become.

Women are often the chief complainers of domestic violence yet the truth to why it was started in the first place is often a lot darker. I know few men that would hit a woman yet I know lots of women that would hit a man, are those foundations for respect between men and women? That’s what the majority of would have you believe, but when it comes down to a situation where adopting the old school female stereotype (weak, naive, defenceless and generally useless) to get away from the path of destruction in their wake, women seem to suddenly throw their female pride out of the window and suddenly become this female victim that butter would not melt in the mouth of. Handy that!

In saying though that women are the chief complainers of domestic violence is hardly fair, so feel at this point that I should apologise to them for that rather specific label and correct it to “Women are often generally chief complainers”.

The vehicle of feminism is terminally ill, fortunately due to more and more of they’re group tending to be on the ugly side of things. You would think this to be our natural savoir but no, because these women drive us men to drink, we end up being preyed up on around about chucking out time by these scary obnoxious underlings of the female species because it is the only way that they can elope, and I bet you a pound to a penny that these are the real cream of the crop feminists, the husband beaters, the spend all your money while your at work variety and in some particularly bad cases, those with lady whiskers.

How can modern day man survive against the everyday spread of inherited one liners and even the courts, which are usually in favour of the woman (where splitting families are concerned) and the age old comment “you men could never imagine pain giving birth” which I would imagine to be like having severe constipation, but even so expect the pain to be miniscule to being on the receiving end of having to here about it.

May be my view has been tainted by the women that I have met and I haven’t them all so lets face there are a few good ones out their but sex aside, to me they are just honorary blokes and as soon as it becomes more than that they seem to believe that they have licence to whinge

So men, the time is now, “feminism” is another word for “male oppression” and we need to fight it to the hilt before it’s to late and we become good at knitting, sewing and arranging flowers, so remember “man enough to give a dig, man enough to take a dig” and to all you ladies, “you want equality? It’s your round”

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