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7/18/2006 12:03 pm

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Back to simple...

So i decided that i was going to go back to simple today...simple for me means getting rid of everything that i have except the stuff i absolutly need....those things being, a few set of clothing, my back pack, my art supplies, and the few books that i own...this also means no blankets, and only one sheet on the when i went into my room with trash bag in hand, i looked around...and noticed that thats about all that i have...after tossing out all the trash and soda cans that always seem ro populate my room more then i do...i noticed that 1: i had a floor...and 2: when i went to look for one of my books (in a place where i KNEW it was), it was no longer there...this i cnat blame on the gremlins...cus no matter wat, after you clean an organized mess, you seem to lose everything you wanted to find...on the other hand...i wont be without a lighter anytime soon...i found 14 of em...and after i filled my back pack for a "just in case" situation...i had a lot less in my room...this has got to be the greatest thing ever...well, the half load of laundry ive got going is done...laterdays

concretejock 39M

7/18/2006 10:04 pm

I really like your desire and action towards simplicity. We all have a lot of things that clutter up our lives. It's good to clean house every once in a while, to gain a better perspective and to gain back some ground. That's awesome.

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