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3/25/2006 11:46 pm

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At work, I've been with the same operator for 3 of the last 4 rotations, or 2-week periods. This particular operator is a real pain in the ass, and not many people can get along with him. I, however, can, so I get scheduled with him. I'd rather work with someone else.

Anyway, I was telling a friend that I would be willing to pay someone to switch with me if I were scheduled with that same operator again. Sure enough I was, but luckily I didn't have to pay, because this guy who attends college needed to switch from the graveyard shift, which I was more than happy to do. Fortune smiled.

Yesterday was a long day. I got done with work at 6am, went home, showered, drove to my hometown, picked up my mom, picked up my dad, drove us all to Milwaukee to visit my sister (got to hold my new nephew Evan, not even 3 weeks old, for the first time), drove my mom to see my stepdad who's recovering from open-heart surgery, napped for 3 hours in his hospital room, picked up my dad, drove them back to my hometown, then drove back to Appleton to hang out with some guys from work for a couple hours before finally heading home to sit up for a couple hours before finally feeling exhausted enough to sleep.

Today I rested. Hehehe.

Steak, pasta and Texas toast for supper tomorrow. Looking forward to that.

Every few years I go through and listen to every CD in my 2 towers (just over 250 this time around) while going on a CD-buying binge. I've picked up about a dozen new ones in the past few weeks.

Hockey is the only sport I really get passionate about. Love a good hockey game.

Examples of my cheapness:
Rather than buying the plastic chip clips, I bought 50 clothespins for $1 and use those instead.

Rather than buying the more expensive flavored cheesecake, I buy the plain kind and spread preserves over it if I want it flavored. Then I also get to choose the flavor.

There are some things, though, like coffee, that I refuse to skimp on.

In high school and my early 20s I was a huge comic book geek and still have a fairly large collection stored at my dad's.

My most recent fixation is a book called The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold by Acharya S. Fascinating stuff.

I can't wait to golf, both with clubs and discs. It's almost nice enough.

I've run out of things to write. Time to move on.


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