A peak into My Fantasies  

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8/22/2005 2:40 pm

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A peak into My Fantasies

I was hanging a shelf and I needed another pair of hands.

The shelf was really long, and as I started to drill the screw, the damn thing would move. I swore, and then I felt you behind me leaning against my body researching to hold the shelf. Your other hand cupped my waist. As I drilled the screw in, your hand slowly brushed my taunted breast. Your fingers gently squeezed my nipples as I continued screwing the nail. We moved to the next hole on the shelf, placed the screw it and you started to play with my nipples. The shelf was staying in place but you continued to assist me. I moved to the final hole in the shelf, your hand found it's way to my short zipper. As I drilled that last screw, you removed my shorts and panties. I placed the drill down and you turned me towards you. You said,' my turn, I need to do some screwing of my own.'

You place me on the kitchen table, spread my legs wide with my legs over your shoulders. I didn't see you remove your shorts, you hard throbbing cock was ready to drill me. I started to laugh at you as you entered into my wet pussy while you made your own noise of the drill. My laughter turned into moaning and panting. You kept pumping me faster and harder. Both of us were enjoying this screwing . You were panting and calling me your sweet screw. My pussy was so wet, dripping down my tigh, and very soon both of us were close to our peak. As if on queue, we both shot our load.

I slide off the table, but you stopped me, telling me we aren't finished yet. You place me on the floor, and you straddled my face with your very cum covered cock at my lips, I smiled and I saw you were heading to my soaked and dripping pussy.

My tongue welcum your cock, soft, and so yummy mixed cum. I tongue your shaft slowly. I can feel how your cock tense at my tonguing. My lips suck along your shaft top to bottom, at the bottom, my tongue licks around your wet balls. Knowing they are tender, I slowly suck them gently as I clean them from our cum. I roll them in my mouth. They are growing fuller, my tongue takes a tour to your ass crack, back to your balls, up one side of your shaft. I flicker my tongue at your tip, circling your tip, sucking it gently in my hot mouth. Still abit soft, I take your cock into my mouth, start sucking it long and gentle, working my tongue around it. I become so lost in sucking your cock, I feel how much aroused you have become. Your cock grews more and more. Your tip pushed deeper down my tight throat. My lips surrounds your growing cock. I begin to pump your cock more and deeper. Then I feel it, my body grews hotter, I moan with pleasure, I suck you more and deeper, moaning, I can feel your tongue play your magic in my hot pussy. I start fuck pumping your cock. Faster and faster. You are so ready, I know you are holding back, but I suck more and more. I take you so deep, my throat surrounds your hard cock. My hands are casressing your balls, as I suck your cock. I hear you moan, and I knew just then you are going to shoot your load again in my hungry mouth very soon. Then it occured to me, I'm so ready too. My body takes control as it tingles and climbs that peak of sweet release, I suck your cock so deep and push it so deep inside my mouth. I felt precum......I keep it deep, waiting for it to shoot. I bring it back and push again this time you released your load filling my throat, I drink your cum as if I was downing a pitcher of beer.

fantasy49500 61M

8/22/2005 4:23 pm

if you need another pair of hands just let me know!

JmuLuke0my 32M
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8/22/2005 4:24 pm

OMG!!!!!!!! yes yes and hell yes!
Post a pic and u might just land yourself in that very story.
I might just have a few added twists though. Perhaps we will see, perhaps not.
~Horny Stallion 20 ; )


8/22/2005 4:27 pm


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