A New - Chapter One  

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A New - Chapter One

It had started with a phone call. Next meeting for coffee, then one day something happened.

It was a beautiful summer day, near my work in the city; we walked along the queens’ quay. Burt came up with an excellent idea for me and I impulsively kissed him, but his lips turned to mine and without stopping I kissed him, Burt’s arms surrounded me and he kissed me back. Hard and seeking, I couldn't resist. The flood gates opened and nothing really mattered. It seem to last a long time. Both of us were flushed, we both stepped back looked at one another; I wasn't sure what to say. It was Burt who took control, without a word he took my hand and continued they walk in silence.

The seas gulls’ cries, city traffic, and all the bustling of the commuters were not heard by either one of us, silently we held hands. We walked to a park bench, sitting facing out to the Toronto Island. It was Burt who spoke first. ‘Lynn, I wanted to kiss you for a long time,” he stated plainly.

I remain silent; my body was still recovering from the rush of desire. I can felt that my pussy was so wet. I couldn't talk in fear that my voice would reveal that I wanted more.

We sat for a long time, then without another word, Burt motion to get up; we walked to the subway, again not one word. The subway was crowded we were jammed, standing close face to face, someone bumped into me making me lean into Burt, I could feel his body heat. I briefly leaned my head on his chest; his heart beat fast and loud. Stepping back I regained my balance. His hand circled around me to protect me close to him. His hand drops down to the small of my back, bringing me closer. I could feel his hard shaft.

Again a rush of wetness from my pussy dripped onto my panties. He rested my head against his chest. The subway crowd was so jammed, his hand dropped lower tightly holding me, his hand cupped my ass. I moaned quietly, he heard. He squeezed my ass to say I heard you. His shaft grew harder it rubbed against me.

Our stop was next; he maneuvered me to be in front as we departed the train. He walked behind me, and once outside we would have gone our separate ways. Not today, I didn't need to ask him. We walked to my place in silence.

The doorman greeted us, “Good afternoon Ms Walker and Mr. Whitmore.” “Good Afternoon, George,” we replied together smiling.

We rode in the elevator in silence. We left the elevator and headed to my place. I unlocked the door, we both stepped in, and Burt closed the door, leaned against it and grabs my arm to crush me against him.

His arms surrounded me, his lips crushed mine. His tongue opened my mouth and our tongues mingled. His hands caressed my ass again, felt my panties. He broke free from his kiss and spoke, “No more panties.” I repeated, “No panties.” He moaned, “I want to be able to touch you when I'm with you, you hear?” “Yes,” I moaned. His lips returned to mine.

Our hands were removed each other clothes as our kisses grew more passionate. I was in my bra and panties as he roughly turned me around so I was spread eagle against the wall; he frisked my body. He leaned against me so I could feel his cock rub my back and ass. He unclipped my bra, my tits bounced out and his hands cupped them and squeezed my taunted globes, I moaned. He removed his boxers, and grabbed his cock and strokes his cock tip against my panties.

He got on his knees behind me and tore my panties off. “No more panties, ever, understood?” He slapped my bare ass with one stroke, it surprised me. His hand spread my legs more and my ass cheeks, his tongue licked my stinging ass, along my crack down to my pussy, I was very wet. “Good girl. You are wet, very wet. Stay where you are,” he ordered. I remained still but wondered what he’s doing.

Next I felt him motion me backwards, I tumbled back but quickly sat down, and I felt his cock enter into my pussy. He leaned me forward and I held the wall to balance myself. His cock was thick and long, it felt so good I cream more. “Lynn, I have to have you. I could wait not longer.” “Burt, oooohhhh yessss.” The sexsation was intense as he pumped my pussy; I never felt this way before. I enjoyed how he ordered me and mostly how he fit into my pussy. Raw sex, that’s what it was, I thought. “Fuck me, Burt,” I moaned, was that me speaking? Yes it was. I'm ready to explode. I panted and moaned louder with each stroke. His hands held my waist and made me move faster.

He suddenly stopped and made me stand up. My knees were weak, but he steadied me as he walked me to the dining room. He quickly removed the centre piece on the table. Lifted me onto the table, brought my pussy to the edge, he sat down on the chair, and put my legs over his shoulder and spread my very wet pussy. I looked at him, “Lay back, Lynn, I want to eat you.” I slowly laid back, I felt his tongue lick my inner thigh, and his thumbs rubbed my clit. I can feel my wetness drip down from my pussy to my crack. I looked up at the ceiling, I never thought, hell I couldn't even think. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sexsation.

His tongue circled my pussy lips, driving my crazy, he heard me moan, and he held me tighter so I couldn’t move. He teased me, and I knew he wanted me to beg for him to either stop or fuck me. His cock was hard and wanted my lips around it, but that will be later. He sucked my pussy lips, tonguing my pussy deep and slowly. He circled my clit with patience, making me buck my hips closer to his face.

I tried not to moan, but as he slowly circled my clit some more, I moan deeply. His thumbs played with my butt hole, and his tongue teased my pussy more. My lips parted as I moan louder. Applying more pressure against my clit with his tongue and along my crack I sucked in my breathe. Mmmm he moaned, he did it again, slowly, my hips moved with his tongue movement.

He played this over and over. He then sucked both of my pussy lips and opened them with his tongue as he drove deep inside my pussy walls. I felt him watching me as I squeezed my very taunt nipples. I moaned louder. His tongue traveled to my butt hole and his fingers danced in my pussy. Damn, I’m ready to explode, I thought.

“Burt!” I yelled as I explode my cum. My body racked with pulsing spasms. I could stop shooting and squirting. I thought I saw stars. I felt his tongue licking and sucking my pussy. The sexsation was incredible.

Panting and sweating I laid there, recovering from my climax. The next thing I knew, he was turned me over on my tummy with my legs hanging over the table with my ass in his face. He spread my legs again to fit himself between them. I felt his cock tip rest against my pussy, but I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks. I moan, “Burt, what are you doing?” He replied, “Fucking your ass now. How do you like it so far?” “Wonderful.” I replied.


3/15/2006 5:17 am

yes, LADY. I just love your attitude:
You enjoy life, you enjoy sex, you give and you take and you know what you want.
Many women just have no idea what they really want or are too ashamed to talk or show their needs. You seem to live according to your needs and longings, that is adorable.
And of course: You love to be licked all over, especially in your holes. I love eating pussy, deep licking ass and girls cum...

Rock on!

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4/15/2006 10:19 am

Thanks pussylecker88.

SirMounts 104M

2/1/2007 7:33 pm

My, you're very good at erotic writing.
Thank you for sharing this with us, Lalecreme4me. *smiling warmly*

SirMounts 104M

2/14/2007 9:02 pm

I hope you're had a very romantic, and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! Lalecreme. *sweet kiss*

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