Who put the word Drama in my name?  

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2/8/2006 1:29 am

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Who put the word Drama in my name?

Now isn’t this just like me to stay away for a few days only to come back in rare form? I have no choice but to take the floor and defend my honor…lol. Yes folks someone here has accused me of being of all things “A Drama Queen.” Now I’m a lot of things but that I am not.

I am probably one of the easiest, laid back, and down to earth people that any of you will ever have the pleasures of becoming acquainted with via this blog world. I do not start trouble, nor do I look for any. I’m not here to cause turmoil, wreak havoc or even to scold the injured few who have suffered at the wraths of my almighty pen (keyboard).

What I’ve said has mostly been in fun, and if I’ve offended anyone during one of my tirade then I would very much like to offer any and all my butt to kiss, because if your skin is that thin then you shouldn’t be coming around here in the first place.

I know, that wasn’t very nice, but neither was the message that was sent to me by (will not mention their name to protect they privacy)another AdultFriendFinder member, however, the next time you decide to write me a message I suggest you think about it first, I don’t intimidate very easy…. now you have a nice day Luv!

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