Sad State of Affairs Part II  

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3/29/2006 11:09 am

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Sad State of Affairs Part II

Early this morning I shared a series of e-mails that I’d received from a male admirer, whom I have absolutely no interest in what so ever, however, at the time that I agreed to meet with him I felt somewhat compelled after much instance on his part. My initial instinct was not to go through with meeting him, but his constant begging had worn on my nerves and I thought that once we’d met he would understand that I wasn’t interested in having any type of relationship with him and go on with his search.

Well in an earlier blog I mentioned the meeting and it was a sheer disaster on my part only. After explaining to him that I had already met someone with whom I wished to share my time, he seemed completely oblivious to what I was saying and continued to ask when we could “hook-up” well if you read the earlier blog you will understand why even if I hadn’t found someone else, going out with him would be totally out of the question.

Today when I logged on my website there sat another e-mail message for this same person from last night who had written me off as “a working class $7 hour sister” I was so sure that after that last blasting I would never hear from him again but to my amazement there sat this message. Once again I will post his message with only a few minor adjustments to alter his name and location. Now these are truly the ramblings of a lunatic! lol if it wasn’t scary I’d be laughing my ass off. I’m terribly grateful that I don’t have children attending public school, it’s very freighting to think that someone like this could be teaching our futures.

My fault beautiful and I will try to refrain from responding to anymore of your emails. Keeping it real you are the smartest female that I have met thus far online. You are the only who was able to detect the discrepancies in my lie. Because your so good I will admit that I'm not a lawyer I was accepted to law school but I decided to pursue a masters degree in school administration. Honestly Im a middle school principal in XXXXX. I tell females Im a lawyer because if you tell someone your a principal they will ask for the name of the school and because Im married I cant go really identify all of my true info. I work in a school in one of the roughest parts of XXXX. Im a hands on principal meaning I teach classes, conduct recess the whole 9 yards. That will explain my disheveled look and my usually dirty shoes. The playground and school field are normally dirty. lol

I can tell that you dont like me but keeping it real Im extremely impressed. I usually dont meet people more economically successful than myself, you make me feel poor. I was telling the truth about my income and my background. Since you are a professional you understand that SAT scores get you into college not your speech pattern. As far as my speech pattern I guess I do show my age XX and my background (the projects). Keeping it real it has helped me tremendously in my professional life. I had an article in XXX my first year as a principal. Turned one of the systems most troubled schools around in 10 months.

I have to leave for work so I dont reallly have time for a long response. I do consider myself a somewhat classy brother so I will apologize if I offended you in any way. That was just an emotional response to your honesty. And yes after a hard days work with 600 middle school students a man would display some of the characteristics listed above. Everything you said was probably true about me that day Im not going to lie.

I honestly dont know why a successful female like yourself is online. I apoligize for assuming that you were like most females I meet.

Hit me back if you ever change your mind. You are sexy as hell!!! and I usually dont smell

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3/29/2006 12:38 pm

HHHHEEEEELLLLLLL NNNNAAAAWWWWW. I laughed my ass off at the last line. I'd imagine if it were you, him, a bear and a bush, you'd be behind the bush with the bear!! This one was RICH!!!! These are the ones you almost want to give up their name to save a sister the trouble. Does he realize you turned off your profile? principal my eye. If you hadn't met him face to face convict comes to mind.
Seriously, Queen Ladyt53, be careful, I'm extra leary about ones who tell unnecessary falsehoods. They could be the internet predators we see so much about in the media!

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rm_Ladyt53 65F
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3/29/2006 2:57 pm

PJ I’ve been posting his messages all day 1.) Because I home sick with the flu and have nothing better to do. 2.) Because I would love if someone from this site read these post and recognized his character and perhaps get the word out, about what and how he feels about women and all the lies he’s been perpetrating on this site in the name of just getting into a women’s panties. 3.) But truthfully any woman who could lie down with this skunk deserves to be lied too. This is not a joke the brotha smelled worst than any homeless person that I’ve come in contact with. I found it difficult just standing in front of him for the few minutes that I did when I agreed to meet him. There is no way in hell I would get in a bed with this fool. And besides what fool would actually admit that they smelled bad.

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