For all my regular use of computers, I sure am bad at this...  

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5/31/2006 6:57 pm
For all my regular use of computers, I sure am bad at this...

Blogging is just not my thing, at least right now. It's not that I beleive that everyone has a story to tell; I just believe that some stories have moments of interest and moment of tedium.

Basically, my life has been rather tedium for a while now; but it doesn't mean I haven't enjoyed the time and how it was spent. I may be a little too goal-oriented right now to really enjoy this, but I'll at least make an effort.

If you're curious as to pages in the online community I think are worthwhile, check out "Sabrina Online" by Eric W. Schwartz. It's an online continuium of comics that star a particularly introverted, but very cute and funny "furry" skunk-girl.

It features a few rather entertaining characters, but my favorite is the Pornlet Zig-Zag or "ZZ" for short. Created by Max BlackRabbit as an antithesis to Sabrina, she's everything that many women wish they were and what many men wish they had: successful, energetic, dynamic, funny, and rather attractive (for a "furry" at least).

Check it out at; it'll be worth your time. I'm going to take my time before deciding what to write next; also gotta remember to check out "The Stranger" for Dan Savage's latest bit of twisted sex advice and political opinion.

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