What Would YOU Do?  

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5/17/2006 9:27 am

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What Would YOU Do?

Ok Guy, Imagine this is your story...

I have been engaged for almost a year. I am to be married next month. My fiancée's mother is not only Very attractive but really great and understanding. She is putting the entire wedding together and invited me to her place to go over the invitation list. It had grown a bit beyond what we had expected it to be. When I got to her place, we reviewed the list and trimmed it down to just under a hundred.
Then she floored me.
She said that in a month I would be a married man, but that before that happened, she wanted to have sex with me. Then she just stood up and walked towards her bedroom. She said she hoped I wouldn't make her sorry, but if I was offended - that I knew where the front door was.
I stood there for awhile and decided that I knew exactly how to deal with this situation. I headed straight out the front door ... only:

There, leaning against my car was my father-in-law to be.
He was smiling. He explained that they just wanted to be sure I was a good man and would be faithful to their little girl. I shook his hand and he congratulated me on passing their little test.
Should I tell my fiancée' what her parents did, and that I thought their "little test" was asinine and insulting to my character?

Or should I keep the whole thing to myself?
Especially considering the fact that the only reason I had walked out to my car - was to get a condom!
Keep it all to myself. This goes to my grave.
Tell her & go the 'sensitive' route. Go for points.
Tell her & tell her mom's a slut and her dad's a pimp!
Stay with her but try to sleep with her mom anyway.

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