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Something different !!! 4 Jokes, Skip this post.

This Is A Re-Post Of Something Found On Another Site... Just Something To Read...

Did legalized abortion decrease crime?

I was reading Levitt and Dubner's, Freakonomics this morning and this particular theory fascinated and consumed my mind like a blind lesbian's mind in a fish market.

These two economist's spent years researching the crime rate throught the United States, particularly, teenage crime. In the early 1990's teenage homicide, , and gang violence was in full force. I don't particularly remember the early 90s but, if the movie "Boyz in da Hood" held any truth, the world was chaos personified back then. Criminologists made their predictions and they anticipated a 15-100 percent increase in crime within the next ten years. (James Alan Fox's report for the Attorney General)

The studies and predictions couldn't have been more wrong than a virgin porn star with one leg.

According to crime reports in the U.S. Crime actually decreased...Quite significantly. The teenage murder rate fell more than 50 percent five years, the lowest it has been in thirty-five years. (Levitt: Page 5)

Why the hell did the crime rate drop all of a sudden? It couldn't have been tougher gun control laws. My ex-boyfriend can spend 42 days in jail, be on probation and still be able to buy an AR-15 and a .32 caliber firearm at the gunshow in Denton. Maybe it was the roaring 1990's economy that stopped violence? Or more police on the force? Yeah, right...

There was however, an idea that was so far fetched that it actually made some sort of sense to me. We all learned about Roe v. Wade in our high school government class. In 1973 legalized abortion became nationwide. It gave poor, drug addicted, selfish, and uneducated women an affordable option. For the new generation after this revolution, the criminals didn't have the chance to be born. They were being terminated before they could commit crimes.

Did Norma McCorvey aka Jane Roe create a domino effect that altered the biggest crime drop in U.S history? Or was this theory brought to life by pro-choice activists to encourage potential mothers to abort their baby for different alterior motives? Including reducing the budget of government assistance programs, and profits made through abortion clinics. After all, it seems like everything is done for money.

Being unemployed and single sucks! I spent an hour of my life writing this and I will never get it back. I hope it stimulated or perhaps even enlightened someone's mind. Abortion is very controversial issue and I haven't met a person who hasn't been effected by it. I also know a lot of people who should have been aborted.

Get the book, Freakonomics its an excellent read to fellow Econonic, Political Science, or Journalism major dropouts.

-Texas A&M Political Science dropout: Loretta Eaton.

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