Cum Heaven in S.D.  

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7/31/2006 1:32 pm

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Cum Heaven in S.D.

One of my best sexual adventures ever. I was on business in San Diego California in May and met a very sexy AdultFriendFinder couple that really made me wet and cum and cum. I had this couple contact me while I was still in Taipei. I often let people know I will be coming to their area ahead if i know I'll have some free time and San Diego is sooo cool.

I meet the couple at my hotel when I had some free time. They were both so sexy. The man was a lighter African American over 185cm with a strong hardbody and a sexy face. His wife was from Czech Republic and she is so tall. 175 or more with a beautiful face and full lips and breasts. Blue eyes and long legs. They looked so elegant, cool and were very friendly. We talked for about 45 minutes about Calfornia, Taiwan and basic chit chat. After I was slighty tipsy form several drinks we finally got in their car and drove about 20 minutes out of town to there nice home.

When we got there I got a quick house tour, they said we should all relax in their hot tub for a bit. I liked the tub. Outdoors but covered from the view of any nosey neighbors. It was golden brown color and oval shaped. We girls went back inside, becuse she wanted to show me her "things". her closest had several sex toys and she asked me to give them a look as I reached for the toys and inspected them she fondled my thighs. She was so much taller and elegant. I have been with girls, but none so sexy. She grabbed a strap on devise held my hand and we walked back outside.

Her husband was already relaxing in the tub and he was nude. his wife started to undress and i just watched her a little nervously. She had those slender long legs and very round full breasts. She smiled at me and so did her husband. Then she undressed me! he was watching and starting to stroke himself as I was stripped. I was getting excited but still so nervous. After we were totally naked we slipped into the tub. She started to kiss my face and lips and touch my nipples as they became harder. She put her hands between my legs and fingered my clit. Then I was just excited not nervous. After she played with me her husband sat on the edge of the tub. Stroking his hard cock. I was enjoying watching this very much. His wife left me and went over to him sucking the tip of his cock then the balls and finally sliding it into her mouth. He watched me as his wife sucked it.

I became bold for the first time and wnet over towards them. His wife told my to put it in my mouht and I did! I sucked on his big cock and it was heaven. His wife licked the ball and we took turns sucking, so erotic. Then he picked me up and turned my around slowly.his wife had prepared a condom and slid it onto his big cock. He put me very carfully on top of it. I wasn't ready yet, but once it was inside i did not care it was soo nice. He fucked me slowly, but his wife told him to go faster. He said "honey she is soo tight" This turned me on to know I was squezing his hard cock! She masturbated as I was fucked quick and hard i watched her as I was riding and getting wetter. After more than 10 minutes I felt a twinge i never come fast but I was alredy cuming. I came and grabbed his legs and his wife really enjoyed that. After I recoverd he turned me around and fucked my from behind. The water splashed all overand I was moaning in pleasure. His wife sat in front of me and gently pushed me head down on her pussy. I was trying to lick it while getting fucked, and it was so erotic. I soon came again and this seemed to excite her man more more. After I almost fell over from the pleasure he kept going but soon pulled out and slipped off the condom. The cum slashed all over my hot back. It was quite warm. While he rested for a bit his wife. mde me put on the strp on toy. I was a little dizzy but I put it on and she bent over kissed me and said sftly "fuck me". I put the fake cock inside of her and thrusted it into her very, very hard why I'm not sure but I was really doing it as hard as I could. She gasped in pleasure and her husband now recovering was fondling himself beside us. I did this for about 15 minutes and she gasped and came and then I turned her over and her husbband told her to suck my fake cock. This was even more erotic...true sexual excitment. Her husband loved this. After we rested we had a bit more hot sex. I stayed over til the AM. At the 3:00pm meeting I was so smug because of all the hot sex I'd just had last night and now I was in the conference room sipping tea. I'll surely meet them agin. Thanks AdultFriendFinder.

rm_scott_evil77 45M

8/8/2006 1:20 pm

let's have some fun together

rm_ChrisTW2000 45M
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8/23/2006 9:39 pm

How can I get the contact with these couple and you?
Maybe we can 4P together....

digit11071979 38M
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11/27/2006 4:13 am

Drinks at Mono Mono

Hot tub anywhere

what could come next

e-mail: mwardo79atyahoodotca

What's your's LT

spartacustoo 47M
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12/10/2006 6:09 pm

WOW!...thats fantastic. You rule. Congratulations too!

rm_semo63845 67M
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2/2/2007 7:43 pm

we would love to meet you and have some fun in taipei when you are here... we are a mixed cpl...

rm_miles820200 40M
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4/21/2007 1:30 pm

have chance to chat?

harveychen 39M

4/27/2007 12:25 pm

i envy u have such a popular and excited bolg.
ur stories told me u had many adventures in ur bedroom or somewhere else. so cute and naughty.
when i read them always get me horny and turn me on.
both of ur spirit and body growing mature to wonder.
if u have new story recently i would like to visit first.
bring me on . i love it. u r amazing.


rm_w_sean 44M
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3/10/2008 7:55 am

HI 安安

bikeronb738 51M  
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5/13/2010 3:46 pm

Wow, how many orgasm did you have at that night? So, you like to be treated slow and tender at beginning and hot sex after first orgasm. Unbelievable, your story is so vivid and wet, hope you get another joyful adventure soon.

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