Are You a Gambler?  

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1/29/2006 12:03 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Are You a Gambler?


Most of us gamble every day in one way or another. We try to make solid and responsible decisions, but they are always a gamble

You wear a condom or not? Condoms are nothing more than hedging a bet that either one of you don't have a STD or that a pregnancy will not develop. Thank God For a vasectomy. Ladies that can not get PG by accident, responsible lovers who remain clean and disease free. But,... life is a gamble...YOU JUST DON'T KNOW

You meet someone from AdultFriendFinder and hope to have a new friend. It is a gamble, are they truthful, honest, and free or are they sneaking out without their mate's knowledge?

You read a profile, and find someone that you think is hot, do you wink? You may meet the hottest lover ever, or it may turn out to be a physco. It is a GAMBLE

Should you take the quiet still waters, or shoot the rapids? GAMBLE .. the rapids will be more exciting and probably more fun.

Should you join AdultFriendFinder in hope of finding new friends and hope they will be easier to warm up to because they like you are a relationship gambler. If you weren't, you wouldn't have a profile up on this site. The more open you have been in that profile, the bigger a GAMBLER you are. I have been very open so I guess that makes me a Gambler in Little Rock, hence the handle LRGambler, but you can call me LRG or just Gambler.

So come on and visit my blog, feel free to contact me, but do not expect me to contact you first because I only have standard membership at this time. I will keep it so for at least a year. I am gambling that anyone who wants to contact me, will figure out a way, even a standard member.

Have fun, and take a roll of the dice...

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